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Our valued followers and visitors at Information | Scalable WordPress Hosting We are always honored and pleased with your visit and we hope to be at the level that meets some of your needs. The free services we offer are available for everyone to use and transfer, taking into account these terms, which we do not forgive those who violate them and did not abide by them.

  • Firstly, do not use what we offer in anything that violates Islamic law
  • Second not to delete our rights and our website Third with regard to transmission We allow transmission of posts only, with the obligation to mention the source of the original post on our site Fourthly, we refuse to allow anyone to profit from our free services and publish them for money

  • Publication Policy :

    • The material published in the website It expresses the opinion of its author and the source from which the news was transmitted and does not necessarily express the opinion of the site.
    • The site administration apologizes in advanceً Refrain from publishing any material that expresses any fanaticism or blind bias to a group, religion or sect, or offends them, or leads to sectarian and regional discord and strife, or offends religions, the divine books and the divine being, or includes wordsً and picturesً And expressions contrary to morals and public morals، or include anyً forms of defamation, threats and verbal violence.
    • The site's administration is not obligated to publish everything it receives& #1548; The timing and place of publication is subject to its own technical and technical considerations.
    • The site administration apologizes for publishing Any written or pictorial materials that violate the law or public morals.
    • The site administration does not pay Cash as compensation for material sent to it, whether or not it was published.
    • The site states that the person requesting the publication of material on the site has read and understood these terms.

    Comment Posting Policy:-

    Good Twins

    Comments are available to visitors via the site's comment service under the following conditions:

    • Comment should be on the published material only.
    • Comments with personal abuse will be removed and deleted، And what is outside the public morals and offensive to the Divine Essence and the heavenly religions، And everything that includes any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence، Any user who misuses the comments service will also be banned.
    • The site administration has the right to delete or modify Any comment does not comply with the posting policy.Good Twins
    • The posted comments do not necessarily express the policy and opinion of the site management .

    We hope that everyone will abide by these matters, and we ask God for us and you success and payment..