You can now play console and PC games using only Google search


Google is launching a new feature that allows you to connect directly to cloud gaming platforms via Google Search. It will support Google Stadia and other platforms like Xbox where users can play games with one click.

According to Bryant Chappel, host of the Nerf Report, using a Google search, you can only play games that are available on streaming services at the moment. 

When you search for games, you will see a small play button. By clicking on it, several cloud platforms where games are available will appear. You can select the platform to continue within the browser.

You can now play console and PC games using only Google search


The new gaming feature is still in the testing stages and therefore may not be available on every device. Google has not officially said anything about the new feature as it is still a work in progress. This feature is present on both mobile and desktop.

The new cloud gaming feature supports services like Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. The feature is expected to include more services such as PS Now.

Google has introduced the same feature for other movies and shows. Just like cloud gaming, Google allows you to watch movies directly on platforms like Netflix or HBO Max.

A good internet connection is required

Cloud gaming requires low latency and a high-speed connection to run games smoothly. The plus point is that there is no need to purchase any additional hardware for this service as the data will be stored in the cloud.

However, there is a noticeable lag when playing games that may not be ideal for games where quick reflexes are important (fighting games, first-person shooters, etc.).

The benefit of cloud services is that you can play console or computer games on mobile phones anywhere, even while sitting on the beach. All you need is a good data/Wi-Fi connection.

This unfortunately means that most people in Pakistan will not be able to take advantage of this technology, however, if you have a good fiber optic connection, you can give it a try.

You can now play console and PC games using only Google search

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