20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun


Are you looking for the best Mac project management software in the market? We have a solution to manage your project without any hassle. 

You can convert the most cluttered tasks into a workable solution with the help of our top Mac based project management software

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20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun
Project Management Software for Mac

What Is Project Management Software for Mac?

Project management software for Mac is a tool that allows you to track and manage your projects. It helps you to plan, organize and monitor your projects and tasks. 

When you have a project management tool in place, you will be able to keep track of all the activities involved in the project and make sure that they are completed on time. 

With a good project management software, you will be able to manage multiple projects at once without forgetting anything.

If you are looking for a project management software for Mac then you have come to the right place. Here we have listed down some of the best project management apps for Mac so that you can choose one according to your needs:

  • Intuitive User Interface

  1. A user interface or interface is the medium through which a user interacts with that device.
  2. An intuitive user interface should have a design that the user will understand without prior experience.
  3. This is done by making the interface as simple and straightforward as possible while keeping it visually engaging.
  4. Users should be able to access information easily.
  5. An intuitive user interface includes images, videos, and other rich media features.
  6. The design also needs to be consistent throughout the website or app.

  • High Performance

High Performance or the abbreviation HPC, refers to the use of supercomputers and computer clusters to solve complex computational problems. This is a term used for solving advanced supercomputer using computer science. The supercomputer can be made up of processors, memory and storage. 

  • Project Planning

Project teams need basic PM functions, such as work distribution, task management, project scheduling, resource allocation, automated progress tracking, and calculating critical project dates. Users also need customizable dashboards and reports.

Top 20 Project Management Software & Apps For Mac

there are a lot of project management software and apps today. Below is our selection of the top 20 project management software and apps that you can use on your Mac, in no particular order:

1- Zoho Projects - Construction Management Software MAC


20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun
Construction Management Software MAC

Zoho Projects is the most popular Construction Management Software MAC. It's easy to use, powerful, and comes in free or paid versions. But what makes it different from other project management apps?

If you're like most people, you manage projects with spreadsheets and email—or maybe even just a pen and paper. You're always trying to find ways to keep your team on track, but it never seems like you have enough time or resources to get things done right.

But what if there was another way? What if there was software that could help you plan, organize, collaborate…and even do things like track expenses and manage your calendar? 

What if this software could make sure everyone on your team knows exactly when they need to do what they need to do—and how much it will cost them? What if it could give you real-time updates about where your project stands at any given moment in time?

Zoho Projects does all this and more, so you can finally stop relying on spreadsheets and start getting things done right!

Zoho Projects Pros

  • Zoho Projects is compatible with a wide range of other apps and software packages, including Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Zoho Flow, Zoom and more.
  • Zoho Projects supports drag-and-drop functionality for easy task management and time tracking. You can easily assign tasks to team members and track the time they spend completing those tasks without switching between applications.
  • The app integrates with over 30 of the most popular business apps in the world.
  • You can view Gantt charts offline on your mobile device using Zoho Project's Gantt app.
  • There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your Zoho Projects account.
  • It is compatible with Google Apps, which can be attractive to some users.
  • It has a good range of features, such as decent project planning tools.
  • Zoho Projects’ interface design is detailed and clean looking.
  • It is highly customizable, so you can tailor it to your exact needs.
  • Zoho Projects offers standard integrations with productivity software such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs, but if you use other products not on the list, you may be able to create a custom integration through Zapier.

Zoho Projects is an app designed to help teams work together on projects more efficiently by assigning tasks, tracking progress and managing documents in one place.

Zoho Projects Cons

  • Zoho Projects is not a standalone program, so you need to have internet access to use it.
  • If a user does not have constant internet access, the user cannot work on their assignments.
  • Zoho projects does not allow for multiple project managers.
  • You cannot include users from outside your organization using User Groups or Client Portals.
  • There are limited integrations available for external systems and software.
  • It does not allow for comparative or incremental Gantt charts that highlight completed tasks in comparison with all other tasks.
  • Time tracking can only be done by an assigned project manager for the allocated task, which is less convenient than setting up projects in without the need to approve timesheets.

2- Wrike - MAC OS Project Management Software

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun
MAC OS Project Management Software

Wrike is a MAC OS Project Management Software that you can use for free. It offers a variety of useful features, including the ability to create projects, assign tasks and subtasks, create new items (such as folders), assign due dates, add attachments and files, set reminders, create recurring items, and more.

  • Todo-list Features: You can use Wrike's todo list feature to track your progress on projects and tasks. This feature is especially helpful if you have many tasks on your plate at once—you'll know exactly how much work you've completed so far and when each one is due.
  • Project Management: You can also use Wrike's project management feature to plan out your workflow in advance by creating projects with multiple tasks or subtasks within them. This will help you stay organized while keeping track of all the important details related to each project or task individually.
  • Google Calendar Integration: If you're looking for an easy way to keep track of deadlines for each task or project within Wrike then consider using its Google Calendar integration feature! This allows users to import their Google calendar into their Wrike account so they can see both calendars side-by-side at any time via Mac OS X (or Windows).

Wrike Pros

  • Collaborative project management in real time.
  • Project management software Wrike is a great fit for those who prefer to work with a tablet.
  • Access and edit project files on the go with mobile apps.
  • Wrike promotes better communication among team members.
  • Knowledge sharing is easier with Wrike as well.
  • Apple project management software Wrike also offers social features like commenting, tagging and notifications, so it feels like you're working in one room together.
  • Use customizable dashboards, set up important tasks as favorites, and more.
  • Keep track of your progress with flexible reports, timeline views and other visualization tools for your data.
  • Real-time feedback from all stakeholders.
  • Know your project status instantly.
  • Manage projects and tasks in one place.
  • Use with any device.
  • Easy to collaborate.
  • Make the most of your time so you can focus on the important things.
  • Reliable customer service and support for maximum efficiency.

Wrike is a great tool for doing collaborative work online.

Wrike Cons

  • Some of the features are not intuitive.
  • It is difficult to manage tasks within a project if they are dependant on other tasks.
  • The collaboration feature can be improved.
  • It takes time to get use to the interface and understand how it works.
  • There needs to be more integrations, especially with Outlook.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It can be quite complicated and overwhelming at first.
  • Some parts are not as intuitive as they should be.
  • Notifications can be confusing.
  • The calendar function is not very good.

3- Teamwork Projects - OSX Project Management software

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

If you're looking for a project management software that's easy to use, has great integrations and can be accessed on your desktop or mobile device, then look no further than Teamwork Projects.

Teamwork Projects is a cloud-based project management software that offers built-in support for Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Slack and Trello. It also comes with an app connector so you can connect it to your favorite apps like Salesforce, Basecamp and Asana.

Teamwork Projects also integrates with popular task management apps like Trello and Jira so you can manage tasks in one place without having to switch between multiple programs.

With Teamwork Projects' Google Sheets integration, you can create projects from existing spreadsheets or create new ones from scratch. You'll also have access to a full range of features including time tracking, estimating and reporting tools that help you stay on top of your workloads so you don't miss any deadlines!

Teamwork Projects Pros

  • Teamwork Projects has an interactive timeline that lets you update your schedule and manage deadlines.
  • You can create a project, including all actions and tasks involved, with the click of a few buttons.
  • You can assign tasks and roles to different individuals in your team.
  • You can link projects tasks together so that delays in one project will automatically change the timeline for other projects that depend on it.
  • After you've created your projects, you can share them with whomever you'd like using the shared view URL feature.
  • Teamwork Projects is available in several languages including English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Integrates with your Google calendar.
  • Allows you to integrate with a variety of other apps.
  • Personalizes tasks to your liking.
  • Can link emails to tasks.
  • Can add notes to your calendar to help keep you on track.
  • Provides users with predefined task lists and templates.
  • The free version is surprisingly feature-rich.
  • The interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
  • There are a variety of ways you can view your projects.
  • The software looks and feels high quality.
  • It's very customizable.

Teamwork Projects has many great features that you can use to get things done.

Teamwork Projects Cons

  • Teamwork Projects doesn't have a mobile app and while some of the projects can be accessed on the go via a web browser, the experience isn't the same.
  • Teamwork Projects is not available on Android.
  • While updates are done frequently, they don't always bring new features.

4- Basecamp - Best Project Management Software for MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun
Best Project Management Software for MAC

 Basecamp Projects is The Best Project Management Software for MAC.

Whether you're using Basecamp for project management, customer support, or sales purposes, Basecamp Projects makes it easy to manage your team's work and communicate effectively across all departments.

Built-in features like the Calendar make it easy to organize your team's workload into manageable tasks and projects. You can also add tasks directly from Gmail or Outlook with our email task integration. And if you need a little more control over your projects, use our attachment options to attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Basecamp is also great for creating reports—just use the built-in reporting tools to share insights about your business' performance with clients and stakeholders.

Basecamp Pros

  • If you use Mac and looking for a way to better collaborate on projects, Basecamp is the answer.
  • Basecamp offers an extremely smooth interface.
  • Basecamp comes with an autocomplete feature that allows team members to type their messages at higher speed.
  • Basecamp lets you create multiple checklists that make it easier to track progress on bigger projects.
  • The software lets users create project to-do lists in just a few clicks.
  • Basecamp makes it easier to share files.
  • Basecamp can be integrated seamlessly with other software including Google Drive, Dropbox, and
  • The new Basecamp has been redesigned from the ground up.
  • The new Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.
  • Basecamp is trusted by thousands of companies.
  • Basecamp is something your team will actually use.
  • You can't lose your data, because we save everything for you.
  • Basecamp is web-based and works anywhere you've got a connection to the Internet.
  • Basecamp is an awesome project management app that uses a reeeeally deep toolset to help you manage projects, clients, and team members.
  • You can use the app to manage all sorts of things like group discussions, schedules, documents and more.
  • Basically, if you're looking for a tool that helps you run your business more efficiently, Basecamp is the one for you.
  • The biggest selling point of this app is how easy it is to use.
  • It's also worth mentioning that this software is extremely affordable - at only $10 per month - which makes it great value for money.
  • The features are really good and the price point is just right.

If you're looking for an effective way to manage project, you should consider using Basecamp for Mac.

Basecamp Cons

  • No Offline Mode.
  • Customer Service Can Be Slow.
  • Doesn’t Work with Google Apps.
  • Limited Storage and File Uploads.
  • No Offline Mode -- Mac, Windows, and iOS only.

5- Asana - Project Management Software


20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun
Project Management Software

Asana is a project management software that allows you to organize your tasks into boards, lists, and cards. 

You can also set due dates, assign tasks, and comment on them. The best part is that it integrates with many other apps, so you can use Asana as your go-to solution for all of your project management needs.

In this article we'll discuss how to integrate Asana with Dropbox, Google Calendar, Chrome extensions, Gmail, and Google Play Store.

Asana Pros

  • Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work. From tasks and projects to conversations and notifications, Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish.
  • Asana can be used in two ways: as a task management tool or as a project management tool. Task management requires users to create tasks, assign them to team members and assign due dates. 
  • To manage projects, users are required to add tasks and subtasks; giving them more organization and structure.
  • The platform is available for both mobile use (via iOS or Android) and desktop use. 
  • Asana has three pricing tiers available for purchase, in addition to the free version that includes the core features of the app.
  • Asana project management is an excellent solution for managing projects at home and at work.
  • A simple and easy to use interface makes Asana project management a great solution for at home and at work.
  • If you need to send a task or project to your dropbox account, Asana has a built in integration with Dropbox.
  • If you are using Google calendar, you can also integrate your Asana tasks with your calendar.
  • Adding tasks and projects directly from your browser is very easy with their chrome extension.
  • For Android users, they have apps available on Google Play too.
  • They have integrations built in with gmail too so you can add tasks directly to Asana while in gmail.
  • Asana has a mobile app.
  • It integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Dropbox.
  • Asana has a Chrome extension.
  • The free version of Asana supports unlimited people.
  • Asana lets you create an unlimited amount of tasks, projects, and conversations.
  • You can save searches so you don't have to type them in over and over.
  • You can choose whether to let anyone comment on any task or to restrict commenting to only the person who created the task or the person assigned to it.
  • Asana's custom fields allow you to sort your tasks into as many categories as you want, as well as add additional details like due dates and budgets for each category.

Asana is a great way for your team to talk about individual tasks in context of projects, stay current with actionable items, and share files associated with those items or projects.

Asana Cons

  • Asana doesn't support uploading .ppt files and .xlsx.
  • Asana does not have app integration with Google Drive.
  • Asana does NOT support Jira Integration.
  • Asana does not have any reporting capabilities.
  • No two-factor authentication for security purposes.
  • Asana doesn't support custom Kanban board sizes.
  • There are no search functions to filter conversations by date or name of the person in the conversation message.
  • No capability to create multi-currency projects, so it's not suited for global teams at work.
  • You can't attach files on the Android mobile app but you can add them on the iOS app version.

6- Trello - Best Task Management Software MAC

 20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Trello is a project management software that allows you to keep track of all the tasks you have to do. It can also be used to keep a record of your time spent on each task, so you can see how much time you spend on each project.

Google Calendar and Trello are both great tools for managing your time and projects. But what if you could use them together?

That's where Google Calendar Trello integration comes in! This article will show you how to integrate Google Calendar into your trello time tracking account so that your tasks are organized into their corresponding calendar dates.

Trello Pros

  • Trello is easy to get a handle on, even for those who are new to the concept of task management.
  • It’s also very versatile. You can use it to plan an event, manage a project, track your goals, and more.
  • It’s free unless you need some of the extra features that come with Trello Business Class or Trello Enterprise.
  • There are hundreds of ‘Power-Ups’ available, allowing you to integrate other software into Trello and take advantage of add-ons such as time tracking apps and Google Drive integration.
  • It gives teams the option of working together in real-time and communicating through @mentions and comments.
  • It has a clean interface which makes it very easy to use for anyone who works with the software.
  • The Trello app for iOS and Android is a great tool for tracking projects and managing information on the go.
  • Like many project management apps, Trello lets you create, view and edit cards that represent tasks or events.
  • Unlike many other project management apps, however, Trello's cards are displayed on boards that let you see all your cards at once.
  • You can create tasks by describing them in a text field on the card. You can also include images and links, assign collaborators to cards, add comments and attach files to them.
  • You can also make labels and attach them to cards to represent different tasks in different colors.

Trello does the basics well, giving users an easy way to stay on top of tasks and projects.

Trello Cons

  • Trello doesn't have a reporting tool.
  • In trello, you can't create an estimate.
  • There's no budgeting feature in trello.
  • It's not possible to work with dependency relationships in trello.
  • Trello isn't for basic task management.
  • Trello isn't for teams that need to integrate with other tools.
  • Trello has limited project tracking features.
  • There's no automation in Trello.
  • Trello doesn't have custom fields.
  • There's no reporting or analytics in Trello.

7- Microsoft Project Professional - MAC Project Management Software

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

microsoft project onlineMicrosoft Project is a Mac Project Management Software. It's a great tool for managing projects and scheduling tasks, especially if you're working on a team.

Use Microsoft Project to plan your project, track progress, and communicate with your team members in one place. Create Gantt charts and timelines to visualize the full picture of your project from start to finish. 

Then use Microsoft Project's collaboration tools to share files, assign tasks, create task reports, and more.

Microsoft Project Pros

  • It's designed for Microsoft Windows, which means it is a good fit for organizations that use other Microsoft programs.
  • It offers project scheduling and management tools, along with portfolio and resource management.
  • The system has a powerful reporting and analysis capability.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface that is familiar to most users.
  • There are many apps that integrate seamlessly with MS Project, including some of the apps mentioned in this article, such as SharePoint and Power BI.
  • This program offers some industry-specific solutions, such as Project Plan 3, which is designed for professional services industries (including the field service industry).
  • Mobile app syncs with your desktop to keep you current
  • Task list, schedule, resource allocation and critical chain all in one place
  • Intuitive interface for simple navigation
  • Project managers can create action plans, assign tasks and track project deadlines.
  • Create multiple schedules and share with team members to determine which is the best path forward.
  • Easy to collaborate and communicate with other team members.
  • Connects with Microsoft Office apps to share information.
  • Reliable data tracking and exporting.
  • This software is an indispensable tool for project managers.

This software can be great if you are already working with Microsoft products.

Microsoft Project Cons

  • Installation is not very flexible.
  • Software does not allow for many customizations to the tool.
  • Microsoft Project does not easily integrate with other software programs.
  • Microsoft project only works with Windows operating systems and there are no plans to introduce a Mac version.
  • Microsoft Project is a closed system, so it's difficult to import or export information from the tool.
  • There is one way to do things in Microsoft Project, so there isn't much room for creativity when scheduling your projects and tasks.

8- Todoist Business

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Todoist Business is a project management software for Mac, Android, and iOS. It's like Google Tasks, but better!

It's so easy to use that you can get started right away. The Calendar tab lets you see your tasks laid out in calendar form, which is much more useful than simply seeing a list of tasks. You can also sync any of your calendars with Todoist Business so you'll never miss an appointment or deadline again.

The app is available for Android phones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads, so you can always access your tasks from anywhere. You can also import data from other apps into Todoist Business using the "Import" function under the File menu at the top of your screen

Todoist Pros

  • With Todoist Business, everyone on your team will be able to create projects and tasks, organize and collaborate, customize their workflow, and track productivity — all in one place.
  • Todoist Business is available to use on all platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and the web.
  • You can upgrade your teams to a Business account so that everyone can work together in a shared workspace.
  • The shared inbox is perfect for collaborating on tasks with other people on your team.
  • Keep everything you need in one place by adding attachments directly to project comments or task comments.

We are always looking for ways to make the user experience more friendly.

Todoist Cons

  • It lacks an email integration feature.
  • There's no built-in time tracker.
  • You can't assign tasks to multiple people.
  • You can't filter by what's available in the Templates section.
  • The calendar view doesn't show a clear picture of upcoming appointments and tasks.



20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun is the project management software that works best for you.

We're a team of people who love what we do, and we want you to love it too. Our mission is to make project management simple, intuitive, and fun—and that's why we created Monday.

Monday lets you focus on the things that matter most: your team, your ideas, and getting stuff done. We've built with small teams in mind, so you don't have to worry about whether or not our software will work for your needs.

We believe that if you can't get organized, it's hard to get anything done. That's why we've created—to help you manage projects with ease so that every day can be Monday! Pros

  • is an intuitive program that's easy to use from the first login.
  • Monday is available on your mobile device and it's also good for cross-platform work.
  • has a lot of flexibility, so you can add data columns for each project to customize your workflow.
  • If you have ever used Trello, you can easily make the transition to
  • You can easily share your boards with other team members and choose different levels of access, such as read-only or full access.
  • Monday's templates are customizable, so it won't take long to create a board that matches your workflow.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can create custom reports.
  • It is easy to share files.
  • It works with other programs you might use.

More and more businesses use because it is a great tool for managing projects. Cons

  • There are a lot of other project management systems to choose from.
  • It is not good at tracking time spent on a task.
  • It's expensive.
  • It can be difficult to set up and operate.

10- ClickUp

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

If you're looking for project management software for Mac, look no further than ClickUp.

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software that is not only easy to use, but it's also free!

It offers all of the features you would expect from a project management tool, including task lists, file sharing, time tracking and more.

It's also really easy to set up and start using right away. You don't have to be an IT expert or anything like that to get started with ClickUp. It has everything you need right out of the box.

It's also really affordable when compared to other options on the market which makes it really attractive too!

ClickUp Pros

  • clickup project management software helps you to manage everything from the lifestyle of a single freelancer to a large corporation.
  • clickup project management allows the user to create multiple projects with various tasks, subtasks, and task lists involved with each project. 
  • Users can also set up goal tasks for each project which will show up as a percentage when completed. 
  • Each task can be allotted various statuses such as “To do”, “In Progress”, or “Done”.
  • Projects can also be assigned priorities, from “Top” to “Low” depending on urgency.
  • Clickup was designed to work with the way you do.
  • The project management software gives organizations the flexibility they need.
  • There are no limits on your projects or tasks and no rules to follow.
  • You can also customize your view with custom views, smart filters, and custom statuses, so you can decide how your task board looks.
  • Clickup has capabilities that are unique from other similar software and apps.
  • All-in-one project management tools let users manage all aspects of a project in one place, giving them more control over their workflow.
  • ClickUp's custom views are a great way to organize your projects, but if you're looking for even more customization options, check out the Custom Fields feature.
  • Get a bird's eye view of your entire team.
  • Leverage the power of smart lists.
  • Organize your projects with ease using folders.
  • Plan sprints with timelines.
  • Customized views for different team members.
  • Checklists that help you get more done.
  • Super simple drag & drop interface to re-prioritize tasks.
  • Add comments and attachments to tasks, where you can discuss and share files all in one place.
  • One-click project copying, so you don't have to set up new projects from scratch every time!

ClickUp is a great choice for teams who work on multiple projects at once because it allows users to create unlimited projects and tasks within those projects.

ClickUp Cons

  • Notifications are too frequent.
  • Some things take a few clicks to find, instead of being available at the click of a button.
  • The mobile app is not fully functional.
  • It doesn’t have time tracking functionality.
  • If you have multiple workspaces and projects, it can be difficult to keep everything in order.
  • No free trial.
  • There is no undo button.

11- Liquid Planner - Gantt Chart Software MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Liquid Planner is a Gantt chart software for Mac. It's a simple way to plan your projects, track time and get reminders.

Liquid Planner is a simple project management tool that helps you stay on top of your tasks and simplify planning. It's easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality, so you can move tasks around and prioritize them as needed.

Liquid Planner offers a variety of features to help you plan your day, including:

  • Task management: Keep track of all of your tasks in one place with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Project management: Manage multiple projects at once with a simple timeline view.
  • Calendar: See all of your events in one place with the integrated calendar feature.
  • Reporting: Get detailed reports on how you spend your time and what you're working on.

Liquid Planner Pros

  • You can get reports on where you or your team members might be wasting time.
  • Each of your tasks can have its own priority level, with changes and updates in real time.
  • You can see all of your tasks in a list, in calendar, or on a Gantt chart.
  • You can share project folders with your team members and have different permissions for each folder.
  • The program integrates with Google Drive/Docs, Slack and other apps.
  • It does everything!
  • It's easy to use.
  • It's enterprise grade.
  • It has a great mobile app.
  • It tracks billable hours.
  • It's easy for new users to get set up.
  • The mobile app is exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Emphasis on task organization with priority ordering and scheduling.
  • You can evaluate key performance indicators based on project completion data.
  • Liquid Planner is flexible enough to accommodate different types of projects (e.g., creative, tech, business).
  • There are many reporting tools to help keep teams on track.

Liquid Planner is a solid software for tracking tasks and projects.

Liquid Planner Cons

  • Liquid Planner is not free.
  • You can't set up custom reminders.
  • There is no reminder for roadblocks.
  • There is no way to set up a recurring task.
  • You cannot prioritize what comes first.
  • The section for each project can get long, making it difficult to see what's important without scrolling.

12- Planio - Project Planning Software for MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Planio Project is a project planning software for Mac. It's easy to use, and it comes with a ton of features that are going to help you and your team stay on track.

Planio's pricing is based on the number of projects you have. You can start out with one project for free, or you can get unlimited projects for $14/month. This makes it super affordable for small teams. If you've got a large organization and need more than 30 projects at once, then Planio's platform might not be right for you.

Planio offers a game called Plan io (not to be confused with Plan io Blog) where users can compete against each other in a race against time to finish their projects first. The winner gets bragging rights for being the best project manager ever!

Planio also has its own blog where people can learn more about how to use their product as well as how they're helping other businesses succeed through their own successes as well as failures along the way (which they share openly).

Planio Pros

  • Planio project management software gives you a complete overview of all your projects.
  • Planio comes with built-in time tracking to keep your projects on budget and on deadline.
  • Planio is an online tool that makes it simple to manage requirements and priorities.
  • Planio lets you multi-task by letting you set up multiple projects for seamless management.
  • Planio has a simple way to validate your project requirements before building anything.
  • Planio makes it easy to stay up to date with what's happening with your projects.
  • Planio is scalable. You can have as many users as you need and there's no charge per user.
  • Planio is trusted by organizations like NASA, BBC, and University of Cambridge.
  • Track time for multiple projects.
  • Report on time used for clients and teams.
  • Accurate real-time reporting.
  • Easy track time online using the web interface.
  • Timesheets via your phone.
  • Manage projects from Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Beanstalk accounts.
  • Planio Timesheets is fully integrated into Planio's powerful project management tool.

Planio is a great option for project time tracking software.

Planio Cons

  • Can't assign tasks to multiple users.
  • Limited reporting options.
  • No integrated chat.
  • Incomplete iOS mobile app.
  • Can't customize issue statuses.


13- OmniPlan Project Management Software for Mac

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

OmniPlan is the project management software for Mac that you’ve been looking for. With more than a decade of development, it has become an industry-leading solution for managing projects and teams, with an intuitive interface that helps you plan, manage, and communicate project details from start to finish.

Now you can use OmniPlan on your Mac to create detailed schedules, track progress towards goals and milestones, share files with team members—and much more. Discover how OmniPlan can help you plan, track, manage and communicate your next big project with confidence!

OmniPlan Pros

  • OmniPlan for Mac is a relatively straightforward project management tool.
  • There is a free trial available for OmniPlan for Mac.
  • The interface for OmniPlan for Mac is packed with useful features, but it also takes time to get used to and can feel overwhelming.
  • OmniPlan for Mac offers a wide range of project management tools that makes it worth trying out if you're looking to plan out your work in detail.
  • OmniPlan for Mac has the best timeline of any project management software.
  • OmniPlan has an extensive library of Gantt chart templates that you can customize.
  • OmniPlan also lets you add detailed notes to your tasks, which is a great way for team members to keep track of everything that's going on in your project.
  • With OmniPlan, you can easily add due dates and reminders to your timeline, so you won't forget when something is supposed to be completed.
  • You can also use OmniPlan's built-in calendar function to keep track of your progress and deadlines throughout the project life cycle.

OmniPlan for Mac is better than the competition, even though it lacks certain project management features such as Gantt charts and resource management.

OmniPlan Cons

  • Price. While OmniPlan offers a thirty-day free trial version, it only has one pricing tier, which is $199.99.
  • Not the best choice for large teams. If you want to manage multiple projects on Mac and iOS with a team, this isn’t the best software.
  • No time tracking feature. Sadly, OmniPlan does not offer a time tracking feature, which is an essential part of project management for many teams.
  • No mobile app for Android users. If you use Android as your mobile operating system, you won’t be able to use OmniPlan from your phone or tablet.
  • It can be challenging to set up (but there are resources).

14- TeamGantt - Best Project Management App MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

TeamGantt is a project management app for Mac that helps you keep track of all your projects, milestones, tasks and documents.

TeamGantt allows you to create projects and assign tasks to team members. You can assign due dates and estimate the hours needed for each task.

You can also use TeamGantt as a Gantt chart to visually plan your project. The built-in charting feature makes it easy to see how far along your team is on their tasks.

The TeamGantt desktop app also integrates with Dropbox so you can share files with other members of your team. This makes it easy for team members to access files that are needed for their tasks without having to email them back and forth.

TeamGantt Pros

  • Make project planning and scheduling a breeze with TeamGantt's interactive Gantt chart.
  • TeamGantt features you won't be able to live without
  • Get started in minutes with our ready-to-use templates.
  • Get the scoop on some of our customers' favorite features
  • Your free trial starts now! Get started today with our easy signup process.
  • TeamGantt is the best project management app I’ve found for Mac.
  • TeamGantt is a web-based app that runs on any browser.
  • TeamGantt has an optional desktop app you can use without your browser.
  • TeamGantt lets you make projects, tasks, and subtasks.
  • Each task can have a list of to-do’s inside it.
  • You can make recurring tasks in TeamGantt.
  • When you finish a task, it sends a notification to people who are assigned to that task.
  • Each person who is working on the project can enter their own time estimates for their tasks.
  • Teamgantt is a project management software that helps groups collaborate on projects.
  • Teamgantt features include team calendar view, automatic notifications, interactive Gantt charts, and milestone tracking.
  • Teamgantt is an intuitive web-based project management software that makes it easy to create Gantt charts online.
  • Teamgantt is a cloud-based project management software tool that makes creating simple projects or complex project plans a breeze.
  • Teamgantt provides excellent project management tools to help with scheduling, organizing and managing all your projects from start to finish.
  • Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a company’s project management team, using a project management app will make your job easier and more efficient.

TeamGantt is a great project management tool.

TeamGantt Cons

  • I can't print from the app.
  • The app doesn't work well with iCloud or Google Drive.
  • You can't upload documents or add links to individual tasks.

15- Scoro - Best Project Planner for MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

The best project management software for MAC is Scoro. It's easy to use, has all the features you need, and it's affordable.

With Scoro, you can create a project plan that's as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can easily add sub-tasks and milestones to each task, and you can assign tasks to different team members. The dashboard gives you an overview of your projects and shows how far along they are in terms of completion.

Scoro also comes with built-in reports that will help you track what's going on in your project at any time. The reports show things like total hours spent on projects, which tasks are taking up the most time, what percentage of tasks are complete, etc., so that you always know how much work has been done on each project and where they stand compared to where they should be.

Scoro is available for Mac only at this time (although there are plans for a Windows version). It costs $29 per user per month or $199 per user per year—a small price compared to other similar products!

Scoro Pros

  • If you use a Mac and need project management software, we have some good news for you. Now Scoro is available for your OS as well.
  • To enjoy the same seamless and intuitive experience on your Mac as on Windows, simply download Scoro from the App Store. When you’re done, sign in with your Scoro  account and start working like before on a bigger screen or when disconnected from the Internet.
  • This makes it easy to add new tasks and projects, update existing ones, view project details or do any other project management related task while out of the office. Check out what you can do with Scoro  desktop app:
    • Run Scoro  or any of its features when offline.
    • Schedule meetings with colleagues and clients in your iCal.
    • Access Scoro  menu directly from your menu bar.
    • Choose between “Quit Scoro” and “Hide” options from the menu bar.
  • Scoro is all-in-one business software, consisting of a project management tool, CRM and reporting.
  • This platform has the key elements to streamline your workflow, including shared team calendar, time tracking, billing reports and invoicing.
  • With Scoro you can track all amounts billed and received, costs and profits for projects or clients.
  • Scoro enables you to work from anywhere with a user-friendly mobile app.
  • You can manage unlimited projects in one place and increase the productivity of your team significantly by eliminating the need to use multiple tools for different tasks.

You can now use your favorite project management software even when there is no Internet connection.

Scoro Cons

  • There is only one thing I do not like about the app and that is there are no sub-tasks. If you want to make smaller tasks you can make checklists, but that is not the same.
  • It is hard to assign tasks to specific people in the app.
  • No offline access - My clients have often complained about not being able to use Scoro when they are out on the field and don't have internet connection.
  • Not good for large organizations with tons of employees because it doesn't scale well.

16- Jira - Project Management MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Project Management MAC is a freelance Jira product manager, who has been in the Jira software development industry for over 5 years. 

We have helped hundreds of clients manage their projects and increase efficiency with our custom reports, time tracking, and project management Gantt. We are also experienced in exporting projects from Jira and creating an easy-to-use Gantt chart of the project.

Jira document management allows you to manage all your documents with ease. Whether it's a Word document or PDF, we can help you store them all in one place so that you don't lose them or have to go through multiple files when looking for information.

This feature is especially useful if you're working with multiple teams on one project because they'll be able to access the same information through their own account without having to go through another person first!

Jira Work Management allows you to keep track of all your employees' activities within your company so that everyone knows what needs done next without having to ask around each time someone finishes up a task; just like with Project Management MAC's service plans!

Jira Pros

  • JIRA is a software solution that is designed specifically to help teams organize, track and manage their work.
  • The product was built with agile development in mind, but can be easily customized for any use case.
  • JIRA's issue tracking functionality allows you to log bugs and other issues and assign them to individuals on your team.
  • With customizable filters and dashboards, you can view your team's progress in real-time and make sure that everything stays on-track.
  • Jira tracks the time spent on each task, so you'll have an easy way to invoice clients or just keep track of what your team has been doing.
  • You can also use Jira to monitor server performance; it provides detailed statistics about CPU, memory usage, network traffic, etc., as well as logs for each server instance running in production mode (including those which may not be currently accessible due to network latency or other reasons).
  • If the customer has a change in business management and the new decision-maker wants to go a different direction, you don't want to get dragged down with them.
  • The ability to take your phone and connect it directly to your customer's Jira system is what stands out.
  • In terms of user satisfaction, JIRA was rated 100%, while Tallyfy scored 100%.
  • Collaborate on code with inline comments and pull requests.
  • Manage and share your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team.
  • Confluence is the perfect tool for getting everyone on the same page.
  • Capture and organize all of your team's ideas, concepts, and knowledge in one place.
  • Jira Software is agile project management designed for teams of every shape and size.
  • From agile boards to reports, you can plan, track, and manage all your agile software development projects from a single tool.
  • Give every team what they need to collaborate better - Jira Software + Confluence + Bitbucket + Trello in one bundle.
  • Jira Software is agile project management designed for teams of every shape and size.

Scoro is a great software which is used by a lot of companies.

Jira Cons

  • They should improve the UI interface.
  • For the price, the features are fairly simple and not customizable.
  • Some of the features are still a bit buggy.
  • Basic reporting and data visualization is offered but is unimpressive.
  • Integrations with other tools and apps is limited compared to competitors.
  • Setup can be more time-consuming than other similar products and requires some understanding of cloud systems.

17- Smartsheet - Project Management App MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Smartsheet is a project management app that helps you get your team organized, keep track of deadlines and deliverables, and stay in touch with clients.

Smartsheet pricing starts at $12 per user per month for the basic plan. You can upgrade to $24 per user per month for their mid-tier plan or $40 per user per month for their premium plan.

The basic plan includes unlimited projects and tasks, mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, along with email updates on progress made. 

The mid-tier plan includes all of the above as well as dashboards and reporting tools that allow you to visualize data across multiple projects at once. 

Finally, the premium plan includes all of the above plus real-time updates on changes made by multiple users within each project's file.

In addition to its extensive feature set, Smartsheet also offers a desktop client that allows users to access their project files from anywhere at any time without having to rely solely on an internet connection (which can be unreliable).

Smartsheet Pros

  • Smartsheet is a project management app that takes collaborative work management to the next level.
  • The mobile app brings Smartsheet’s powerful features like data capture, fast-tracking with automated workflows, Gantt charts and real-time dashboards to your phone.
  • Intuitive interface with easy glanceability into task statuses, workloads and more.
  • Instant access to data you need offline on any device, whether it’s a cell phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Automatically sync calendars, contacts and files.
  • Real-time collaboration on mobile and web.
  • Smartsheet is an online project management & task collaboration tool that is redefining how teams work.
  • Smartsheet has arrived in the office to stay and organizations are increasingly adopting Smartsheet as a productivity-boosting tool.
  • From its inception, Smartsheet has focused on one key concept: make work work better for people.
  • The platform’s intuitive interface and functionality make it very easy to use and integrate with other business apps.
  • Great for collaboration and automating routine tasks.
  • There is a free version available for those who want to try before they buy.
  • All team members can use the same solid foundation of information at all times so that everyone is on the same page.
  • The integration of Smartsheet with Microsoft Office Excel makes it even more powerful so that you can have the best of both worlds (Smartsheet & Excel).
  • Smartsheet is a collaborative work management tool that helps teams stay on the same page.
  • The smartsheet desktop app is a fully functional, feature-rich application that can be downloaded to your computer.
  • Smartsheet has an extensive feature set with mobile apps and integrations.
  • Smartsheet integrates with 2,000 other apps on Zapier it's the easiest way to automate your work.
  • Smartsheet offers multiple pricing plans, ranging from free to $300 per month for enterprise users.
  • Smartsheet allows the user to import data from excel spreadsheets or from another smartsheet to build a master list of information.
  • You can export data from any sheet or report in smartsheet in order to view it in another program, such as Microsoft excel or google sheets.
  • Smartsheet's software is used by most large enterprises as well as many mid-size companies.

Smartsheet is a project management tool that many people love using.

Smartsheet Cons

  • Smartsheet is available only on web and mobile platforms
  • Not available as a desktop app.
  • Doesn't offer real-time collaboration.
  • No integration with Google Drive or Office 365.
  • Complex pricing plans.
  • Gantt charts are basic.

18- Workfront - Project Management Tool for MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

Workfront is a project management tool that allows you to manage your projects and clients right on your computer. It's easy to use, and its built-in features help you save time and make sure you're always on top of everything.

The app has a lot of great features, including a calendar that allows you to schedule meetings and view client projects in a chart format. You can also add clients as collaborators on projects, so they can see what's happening with the project and provide feedback.

Another feature we love is the ability to link directly from one file to another—no need for double clicks! Just click once and it will open up the corresponding file for editing or viewing purposes.

Workfront Pros

  • Workfront project is a program that helps users manage projects and tasks, which allows them to work more efficiently.
  • Workfront project includes the following features: requests, project management, and new project templates.
  • New features in this update include full-screen mode for Mac OS X Lion and improved reliability when connecting to SMB file servers.
  • Workfront project offers an impressive array of features that make it easy to manage projects and tasks from your computer.
  • The new version includes  improvements to search capabilities.
  • This update also includes performance enhancements for sharing files with other users over the Internet.
  • Workfront is an all-in-one work management tool designed to improve team efficiency and collaboration.
  • Workfront has a great project scheduling feature that lets users manage the flow of work visually by deciding which projects will be done when.
  • Workfront allows you to manage your entire business workflow in one platform, there’s no need for additional tools, software or Excel sheets.
  • With Resource Capacity Planner, you can see how much time your employees have to focus on their tasks and if they are overbooked.
  • With issues and risk management, you can keep track of any risks that might pop up along the way and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • You can see what your team is working on, see how long it takes for them to complete tasks and identify which tasks are behind schedule.
  • Workfront enables you to create custom reporting templates and send real-time reports automatically via email, saving time and effort.

Workfront gives you everything you need to organize your team’s workday effectively.

Workfront Cons

  • The biggest thing that puts it behind Asana is the default workflow.
  • It’s not easy for a newbie to use.
  • Expensive.
  • Lacks reporting features & automation
  • Hard to customize.

19- Proofhub - Task Management Software MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

 **proofhub project management software** is a simple and powerful task management system that lets you manage your projects and tasks at work.

ProofHub has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use by anyone. It has a lot of features like; proofhub desktop app, proofhub chart, proofhub pricing, proofhub features, what is proofhu.

In order to make your work easier, ProofHub provides various features such as task management software MAC, project collaboration tool, Gantt Charts and Kanban boards with drag & drop functionality etc., which enables users to make use of their time more efficiently.

The desktop app allows you to access all your files from anywhere you go on your PC or laptop. It also comes with an explorer view where users can easily navigate through all their files without opening any file manager application.

Proofhub Pros

  • ProofHub is comprehensive project management software.
  • ProofHub allows you to do much more than just project scheduling.
  • ProofHub has simple and intuitive design and is easy to learn.
  • ProofHub is suitable for small teams and large teams alike.
  • You can integrate ProofHub with a variety of third-party apps.
  • You can use ProofHub in multiple languages.
  • ProofHub’s mobile apps are excellent.
  • proofhub provides a clean interface to work on.
  • It’s more of a task management software than a project management.
  • In proofhub, you can add a category to your task.
  • You can also insert pictures, files and links within the task description.
  • proofhub project management tool is full of collaboration tools.
  • The comments section in proofhub shows the date and time for every comment made.
  • You can also assign different colors to each team member in the proofhub calendar. This would help you easily differentiate between them.
  • proofhub pricing is inexpensive to start with yet it packs some pretty cool features.
  • You can use iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry apps of proofhub to get connected with your team members from anywhere and anytime. These apps are compatible with native functionalities of these devices including notifications, camera, etc.
  • You can also chat in real time using the Chat section in your account.

If you are looking for an all-in-one project management software, then ProofHub is what you should go for.

Proofhub Cons

  • proofhub Project Management Software Cons
  • ProofHub is not Available as an App
  • No Free Version
  • Reports Lack Details
  • The Plans are Not Flexible

20- ProWorkflow - Project Planner for MAC

20 Best Project Management Software & Apps For Mac That Will Make Work Fun

ProWorkflow is a project planner for Mac. It's a new tool that lets you manage your projects, collaborate with team members, and get stuff done.

We've been testing the ProWorkflow app for about two weeks now and have been impressed with how easy it is to use. The interface is clean and intuitive, and there are tons of features that make managing projects easier.

The dashboard gives you an overview of your projects, as well as a quick look at what's happening on each one. You can see who's working on what, when they started working on it, whether they're behind schedule or ahead of schedule (or right on track).

It also shows you which tasks are still open—and how many hours are left before the deadline!

The app lets you assign tasks to people in your organization by dragging them into the appropriate column on the task board (or "to do" list). You can also add comments or notes to each task to keep everyone up-to-date on what they're working on.

And if someone sends you an email asking about something related to one of these tasks? Just click "reply" and type directly into the email client within ProWorkflow—no need to reply outside of it!

ProWorkflow Pros

  • Proworkflow is a project management tool for Mac.
  • ProWorkflow’s Strength Is in its Simplicity.
  • ProWorkflow keeps you organized.
  • Collaborate, communicate and track progress with ProWorkflow.
  • You can start projects quickly with ProWorkflow.
  • Proworkflow has good tracking features.
  • Proworkflow lets you keep your costs under control.
  • You can add as many users as you want to your Proworkflow account.
  • Can be used on a variety of devices.
  • It has a good task management system.
  • The time tracking feature is helpful.
  • It has a good communication interface with clients.
  • Templates are available for common projects.
  • You can use this app easily on mobile devices.
  • It offers a good range of features for free.

Most businesses need a way to organize their work - and Proworkflow is a good way to do it.

ProWorkflow Cons

  • Your projects and workflows are limited to 5GB of storage space.
  • It is difficult to navigate if you are not technical.
  • Some data entry functions are not intuitive and take some getting used to.
  • Constant system updates can be distracting.
  • It is a good idea to have a desktop account, but it is too expensive for most businesses.
  • The mobile app can be glitchy at times and crash.

Types of Project Management Software for Mac

Not only do you need to know and understand the project management software you are using, but you also need to know how to use it. 

The following is a list of resources that can help you become more familiar with your software, as well as other types of project management software.

  • On-Premises Software

Individuals and teams can use desktop project management solutions installed on their Mac desktops. Vendors of these software solutions have optimized their software to run on macOS workstations and servers. Users can easily integrate the software with other Apple applications that are installed on the operating system by default.

  • Browser-based software

Another type of project management software that Mac users can explore are solutions that work on any platform, and can be accessed through web browsers like Safari. Note that Safari support is critical, as Safari is the default web browser in Mac, iPad, and iPhone computers.

  • Cloud-Based Project Management Platform

Cloud-based project management software is popular because it's easy to use and doesn't require any installation or configuration on your computer. It's also more secure than traditional software because it uses a secure server and other tools that keep your data safe.

Our cloud-based project management platform offers everything you'd expect from top-tier software, including task management, time tracking, scheduling and more.


There's no doubt that project management software can make the lives of those involved in it a little easier, and there are even some free options out there. 

So, next time you find yourself looking for a little extra help or organization in your work, see if any of these mac project management software apps could be the answer to your woes.


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