zoho project management software


There are a lot of zoho project management software in the market these days. And choosing the right one for your business is crucial. 

You need something that offers both simplicity and power in order to unlock your team's productivity

By taking a closer look at zoho projects, you might be surprised that this is exactly what it provides.

zoho project management software
zoho project

Who Uses Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is a project management software that helps small businesses manage their projects and tasks. 

This program is useful for businesses, both large and small, who are looking for a simple way to manage their projects.

Zoho Projects is an easy-to-use program that provides a number of features that help you stay on top of all your projects. 

These include task management, time tracking, Gantt charts, reporting and more. You can also integrate Zoho Projects with other Zoho products such as Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. This makes it easier for you to view reports from all your programs in one place.

This software is also great for managing teams because of its ability to add users easily and monitor performance through reports. It also lets you assign tasks and monitor progress using Gantt charts so you can keep your team on track with the project goals they need to meet each week or month.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our open source codebase. Anybody can go in and change it if they like. 

Another thing that our users love about Zoho Projects is the time-tracking tool. You can set up goals for your employees and see how much time each one spends on their tasks.

Get on over to our signup page today to get started with Zoho Projects!

What's New in Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is the best project management software for businesses, teams and individuals.

It helps you to manage your projects from start to finish with ease. With a simple interface, you can create and track your projects, organize tasks and communicate with your team members.

Cloud Phone System for Sales & Support Teams

  • A cloud phone system for your teams that’s easy on the pocket.
  • Call, text and chat from one platform.
  • Help desk that goes beyond call center capabilities.
  • The only tool you need to run your business in the cloud.
  • Teams get a virtual office in the cloud with an auto attendant, menu and more.
  • Calls and texts with real-time presence and instant messaging (IM) in one platform.
  • End customers can send an email, call your toll-free number or chat online with a support representative.
  • All apps talk to each other and have a common data platform – so you don’t have to.

Zoho One is an all-in-one suite of productivity tools for businesses at just $30 per employee per month.

Smart Landing Page Builder to Increase Conversion Rates

  • The landing page builder is designed in a way that allows you to create a landing page from scratch quickly, using the templates available.
  • You can customize your lead generation forms according to your needs and add a customizable call-to-action button on your landing page.
  • You can add unique images and videos to bring life to your custom landing page.
  • You can choose to block or redirect all the traffic coming to your website.
  • You can embed a live chat bot on your custom landing page so that the visitors can get their queries clarified instantly, leading to an increase in conversion rates.
  • You can integrate your landing page with Zoho CRM and capture leads directly there. 

Business calendar to manage and schedule events

  • Including your entire team in an event
  • Managing tasks and events on-the-go
  • Blocking out holidays and personal days
  • Adding attachments to events, such as maps or screenshots

How Much Does Zoho Projects Cost?

The tool offers a range of features including time tracking, meeting management, task and resource management, online collaboration and more.

Zoho Projects has a free plan with limited functionality and paid plans starting at $10 per user per month for unlimited users and storage. 

Zoho One is a subscription-based product suite that includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Books and Zoho Projects. 

It costs $120 per month for up to 1,000 users and comes with additional features such as email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting software and more.

Zoho CRM provides customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities such as leads, contact management, email marketing automation and more. It comes with a free plan that allows up to 100 contacts but doesn't include all the features of its paid plans. 

Paid plans start at $20 per user per month for up to 5,000 contacts but increase in price depending on the number of contacts allowed per month.

The pricing for Zoho One depends on the size of your business: small businesses pay $50 per month, medium businesses pay $100 per month, and large businesses pay $200 per month. 

If you have more than one user in your company (for instance, if you have a sales team), the price increases by $10 per user per month. You'll also need to pay an annual fee of $25 for every user after six users.

zoho project management software
Prices and plans zoho

Where can Zoho Projects be deployed?

You can use it to manage your own projects, or you can invite other users to collaborate on a project with you. You can also use it to coordinate with clients, vendors and contractors so they know what's going on.

Zoho Projects is available on the web, as well as on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones. It works well with other popular business apps from Zoho such as Zoho CRM, Zoho People and Zoho Analytics.

Zoho Projects can be deployed in the following places:

  1. Zoho People: To manage HR processes. It includes a timesheet, expense management, employee self-service and more.
  2. Zoho CRM: To manage sales and marketing processes. It includes opportunities, quotes and estimates, marketing automation, email marketing, lead generation and more.
  3. Zoho Analytics: To analyze data from various sources like Zoho Projects, Zoho Desk, Zoho Campaigns etc., by creating dashboards and reports that are easy to understand for non-technical users.
  4. Zoho Sprints: A project management software for agile teams who like to work in small iterations or sprints at regular intervals (usually 2 weeks) rather than working on a single product at a time.

Zoho Projects takes your project management to the next level by offering you a cloud-based solution that is accessible across all devices via browser and mobile apps:

  1. Zoho Projects is a cloud application.
  2. You can also install it on your own server.
  3. It can be hosted on our servers in the US, Europe or Asia.
  4. Zoho Projects can be accessed from any browser and operating system.
  5. We also have mobile applications for iOS and Android, including one specifically designed to let you manage projects on the go.
  6. All data is protected, encrypted, and easily backed up.
  7. The cloud hosting model helps us provide you with a stable, reliable system without the headaches of hardware and software maintenance.
  8. For example, as regulatory requirements evolve, we roll out updates and ensure that our customers are compliant all the time.
  9. We maintain our systems using industry best practices against internal and external threats.
  10. Our SaaS model lets you stay focused on your core business.
  11. You don't need to worry about system configuration or maintenance, or the cost of scaling up as your business grows.
  12. These features are what helped us earn ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certifications.

Zoho Projects is available in the cloud from anywhere in the world!

How do Zoho Project prices compare?


Zoho Projects is a project management software that offers features like invoicing, time tracking, task management and many more. 

It is great for small businesses who need to track their work, clients and projects.

Zoho Projects is the most popular Project Management Software for Mac in the market with over 3 million users worldwide. 

You can use Zoho Projects for free with Zoho One or through its own hosting service called Zoho Sprints. Zoho One allows you to host all your apps including Zoho Projects in one place while Zoho Sprints only hosts your projects.

Zoho has both free and paid versions of their software. The free version is limited to 10 users and 5GB of storage space, but it's great for personal use or small businesses who aren't looking for a lot of bells and whistles from their project management software

The paid version has no limits on users or storage space and includes all the features listed above plus more advanced options like real-time collaboration tools, Gantt charts, time tracking capabilities, and more.

If you want to use a cloud version of Zoho Projects, then it will cost you $9 per user per month if billed annually or $12 per user per month if billed monthly. 

However, if you want just the project management part of this software without any other features such as invoicing or time tracking then it will cost you $3 per user per month if billed annually or $10 per user per month if billed monthly.

With Zoho Projects, your team can manage their backlogs, track progress, collaborate with other teams, and assign tasks to employees—all from one place. The platform also includes state-of-the-art features like time tracking, reporting tools, and more.

But what's really important is that Zoho Projects makes it easy for your organization to stay on top of its projects. 

You can view all of your projects in one place so you don't have to go digging through spreadsheets and emails trying to find information on a specific task or project. 

And once you set up recurring tasks like meetings or calls with clients or colleagues, they'll automatically be added into your calendar each week so there are no surprises!

To understand the topic more Compare Zoho Projects Editions

Getting Started with Zoho Projects

With Zoho Projects, you can create projects, assign tasks to people, set due dates and reminders, track time spent on individual tasks, share files and documents with your team members—all in one place!

Zoho Projects offers a free trial to get started. You can also subscribe to a paid plan based on your organization's needs.

In this video tutorial from Zenatta Consulting & The CRM Zen Show you will learn about:-

Create a project template from start to finish - Milestones - To-do lists - Gantt chart and reporting.............

Subscribe to Zoho Projects and create your portal

  • Creating a new account is simple. Just click the Sign Up for Free button to get started.
  • Click the Admin tab and select Projects from the drop-down list.
  • From the Project Type drop-down, choose either Project or Project Template.
  • To create a portal, click New Portal on the Portals page and enter the portal name and its description.
  • You can choose to display your portal in the default language (English) or one of the available languages by clicking Change language link. You can also choose to make your portal public or private by clicking Edit link on right side.
  • Click Create Portal button to create your portal, an email notification will be sent to members with login details and a link to access your portal.

To use Zoho Projects, you must first sign up for an account, then create a portal that best suits your needs.

Zoho project Pros and Cons

There are times you'd have to choose between two project management tools. This post will outline the pros and cons of Zoho projects so that you can decide if it's worth what you're getting from them.

Zoho project Pros

  • Zoho provides project management for everyone.
  • Several of their other applications such as Campaigns and Books provide an added bonus to their users.
  • Zoho Projects offers powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes workflow management easy, even for non-technical employees.
  • In addition to the free version, it has three different paid plans: Standard, Express and Enterprise, ranging from $25 a month to $50 a month.
  • The interface is easy to use, and while some users find that it’s missing advanced features (similar to Trello, which I discuss in this blog), it cleans up all the clutter that Toggl has, making it more user-friendly especially for beginners.
  • Zoho Projects also has built-in messaging and videoconferencing capabilities in one platform. Its group chat feature allows you to get quick answers from any team member and its videoconferencing feature lets you talk face-to-face with your team at any time during the project lifecycle.
  • Great reporting feature - create various reports based on Project/Task/Time/Resource Reports.
  • Integration with Zoho People and Zoho CRM with additional cost.
  • It is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model which means that you don't need to install software or maintain hardware, it includes all the necessary tools for managing projects, tasks and resources on a single platform.
  • No artificial limitations in terms of users or projects - "Fair Usage Policy"
  • In-app chat option helps to have a casual communication between team members.


An affordable solution for small businesses that want to be able to manage their projects, tasks and resources efficiently.

Zoho project Cons

  • Zoho project has very little customization options.
  • Zoho projects has an outdated interface.
  • Zoho projects shows too many advertisements.
  • It is not easy to add new users and if you just want a few users, it is expensive for that.
  • The zoho projects app takes a long time to open on your phone.
  • If you are looking for a quick streamlined way to manage your projects, zoho projects isn’t going to help you.
  • Zoho projects is difficult to integrate with other programs.

Zoho project is not great for small businesses but if you have tons of features, then it might work for you.

Zoho "Working With Tasks and Milestones"

It can help you manage projects based on milestones, tasks and schedules. Zoho projects can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with other Zoho products such as CRM and Mail.

The free version of the software allows users to create unlimited projects with up to 5 users per project. 

You can create milestones within your project and associate them with tasks, so that as you move through the project, you'll see how far along you are in completing each task. 

You can also add dependencies between tasks or milestones to make sure they're completed in a certain order.

Once you have created a project, it will be displayed in a list on the left side of your screen under My Projects section along with all other projects that have been created by other users in your organization. 

To create new tasks within this project, click on New Task button at the top right corner of its page and then specify whether this task is due today or later using drop-down menu next to Due Date field near bottom left corner of screen (see screenshot below).

Users can also create up to five different roles per user account, which allows them to assign different permissions to different employees within their organization.

While the free version does not include any advanced features or add-ons, it still includes several useful features such as task tracking tools and time management tools. 

The software also includes an option that allows users to convert emails into tasks from within their inboxes without having to leave their email clients first!

 Milestones are a useful way to keep track of your projects, especially when you have a lot going on. They give you a high-level view of what needs to be done, and when. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up milestones in Zoho Projects.

You can also use milestones as a way to track the progress of your tasks. For example, if you're planning an event and have multiple tasks related to it—like coming up with an event theme, booking venues, sending out invitations, etc.—you can create one milestone for each task and mark them as completed once they're finished.

Zoho Projects is an all-in-one solution for managing projects, teams, tasks, and milestones. It provides you with tools to easily plan out your project schedule in detail and keep track of the progress at all times.

Zoho "Project Views and Resource Management"

 It includes a built-in CRM, which allows you to manage your resources, tasks and projects. You can also use it in conjunction with Zoho CRM, our customer relationship management software.

With Zoho Project's robust features and intuitive interface, you'll be able to create custom dashboards for each team member or department so that everyone can see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. 

You'll also be able to view reports on the progress of your projects at any time—even from your mobile phone!

You can create new projects, change their statuses, assign tasks to team members, get notifications about updates, and view reports on the performance of each project. Zoho Projects also allows you to collaborate with team members using chats and discussions.

Zoho Projects comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to use it right away. You can customize the look of the software according to your preferences by adding buttons or changing colors.

With Zoho Project's Resource Management feature, you can easily add new resources (people) who will help you complete the various tasks associated with your projects. 

This makes it easier than ever before for managers or other team leaders to delegate work among their employees without having to worry about double-checking everything first!

You can create a resource group and add all of your team members to the group. Then, when it's time to assign tasks or work items to those people, you can just drag them over from the resource group. 

That way, everyone knows who's responsible for what and how many hours they're expected to put in each week.

Even better, when it comes to managing your project's budget, you don't have to worry about keeping track of how much money has been spent on which tasks. Zoho Projects automatically tracks expenses and generates reports based on them. 

And if something goes wrong (which rarely happens), there's an audit trail so that you can see exactly what happened and where it happened—and who was responsible for fixing it!

Zoho Projects also offers integration with other popular software platforms like Microsoft Project and Google Apps—so if you already use those tools, there's no need for extra training because everything will be familiar and easy-to-use.

Zoho "Communication and Collaboration"


Zoho is a unified communications provider that provides cloud-based solutions for businesses

They are committed to helping businesses be more productive and successful with their full suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Zoho gives you the tools you need to communicate and collaborate in real time, so you can work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

With Zoho Projects, you can create projects from scratch or import existing data into a new project. Then assign tasks and resources to your team members and track their progress throughout the project lifecycle.

The Zoho CRM tool is an online customer relationship management system that helps you manage your sales pipeline, leads generation, marketing automation campaigns, customer service issues and much more. 

Create custom forms for each of your contacts so they can self-service whenever they need us!

Zoho's cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) allows you to manage your communication all in one place—from email and messaging to IP telephony and mobile apps—so you can keep your team connected without the hassle of managing multiple systems.

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication channels—such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing and telephony—into a single platform.

UC can help your business streamline communications across your organization and keep everyone in the loop.

With Zoho's UC solutions, you can manage your communications easily with features like auto-scheduling meetings, calendaring and call recording.

But what is unified communications?

Unified communications (UC) is a combination of voice, video, and data that are integrated into a single system. 

It's the perfect tool for businesses who want to be able to talk to each other more easily, without having to worry about setting up multiple systems or making sure they're all compatible.

It's also great for people who frequently travel and need access to their company's systems while they're away from their desk. For example, if you have a sales team that travels often, you can use UC to make sure they can still answer calls from customers and provide support even when they're not at work.

Zoho "Time Tracking"

  1. Automatically track time for every task using Zoho Projects with Zoho Desk.
  2. Zoho People is the most effective way to manage and optimize your workforce performance.
  3. Lead Management, Sales Productivity and CRM Software.
  4. Use timesheet automation to keep records of billable and non-billable hours spent by employees or clients
  5. Does project tracking software take screenshots? Yes, the software take screenshots and show in their online dashboard where you can see ...
  6. Manage your project expenses with ease.
  7. Add timesheets on the go; and push to Zoho Projects using one of these apps.
  8. You can track time through the widget or by generating a bookmarklet.
  9. Track Time on Your Mobile Device - iPhone and Android
  10. Log time on the go through our mobile app.
  11. This application is compatible with iOS, Smartphones, and Tablets.
  12. It shows a summary of all the tasks assigned to you and lets you start a timer instantly to record time against any task of your choice.
  13. You can also add new time entries and browse through existing time entries.
  14. Zoho Projects, our flagship project management solution, helps you plan, track and collaborate better to deliver projects on time. You can track employee work hours across projects, manage billable and non-billable hours and generate timesheets in real time.
  15. Your employees can clock in and out of their tasks right from the Android app. They can switch between tasks while they are working on a project. Time entries are automatically synced with your Zoho Projects account.
  16. Manage your projects and teams on the go. Its built-in notifications keep you updated about important activities like task assignments, comments, updates etc., so that you can quickly take action when needed.

Time Tracking is not just about tracking it is about managing the complete shift management for the teams online.

Zoho "Bug and Issue Tracking"

Zoho Bug Tracker is a powerful, easy-to-use bug and issue tracking tool that provides features like customizable workflows, email notifications, rich reporting and more. It is the best tool to manage your bugs and issues in an efficient way.

Bug and issue tracking tools are used to track defects in software development. Issues come up during the development of any software and need to be resolved before release. 

A bug tracker helps teams track bugs, prioritize them based on severity, assign them to developers or testers etc.

The Zoho Bug Tracker allows users to create custom fields for each issue type for collecting additional information about the issue being reported. 

It also allows users to create workflows for managing different types of issues in an organized way. For example: when there is a new bug report added by a user, it can be assigned automatically to another user as per the workflow rules defined in the system.

Zoho "Integrations and Apps"

  • Importing documents from Google Drive to Zoho Projects will be as easy as pie, with this integration.
  • Users can import files from Dropbox to Zoho Projects with this integration.
  • SharePoint users can easily import files from their document libraries to their project folders in Zoho Projects.
  • Get access to all your Salesforce files from your Zoho Projects account.
  • With this integration you can link documents from Box to specific projects in Zoho, and access them whenever you need them.

Zoho "A Well-Balanced Project Management App"

  • Zoho Projects is a project management tool that gives you a centralized place where your entire team can work on a project collaboratively.
  • Zoho Projects offers all the tools you need to successfully complete your project, including tasks and milestones, Gantt charts and Kanban boards, timesheets and activity log, document sharing, forums and custom reports.
  • With the mobile app, you can track the time spent working on a task, create and assign tasks, add comments to existing tasks or documents shared and receive push notifications when someone assigns you a task or mentions you in comments.
  • The dashboard provides an overview of what’s going on with all your projects simultaneously.
  • You can even group projects together and see how they’re progressing according to a common timeline across all of them at once.
  • Zoho Projects lets you choose from four different pricing plans.


Lastly, Zoho Projects is the product which you can trust for its support. The new model released from the top menu allows you to control the projects conveniently. 

And you can also assign a manager to each member of the team. Unlike other products, every function of this system is customizable and no technical knowledge is required to operate it. Also, they offer 24/7 live chat and email support where you can talk to their expert without any time limit.


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