The Best Project Management Software for Macs


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s essential to stay on top of all your tasks and projects so you can focus on the most important items and accomplish them effectively. 

This can be especially challenging in today’s world, where so many people are checking their email, Facebook, text messages, and other social media accounts multiple times per day — while they’re at work! 

Luckily, there are plenty of project management software options that can help you stay organized and meet your goals. But how do you know which one to choose? That’s where this guide comes in!

The Best Project Management Software for Macs
Project Management Software for Macs

Why Should I Use a Project Management App

If you're working on a project, whether it's with a team or by yourself, chances are you could benefit from using a project management app. 

These apps can help you keep track of deadlines, assigned tasks, and progress made on a project. 

They can also be used to store important project-related documents and files. And if you're working with a team, project management apps can help you communicate with your team members and stay organized.

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Choosing Between Online and Desktop Options

There are a few things to consider when choosing project management software for your Mac. One factor is whether you want an online or desktop application.

5 Great PM Tools For Mac Users

  1. Trello - This visual tool is perfect for those who like to see their tasks laid out in an easily digestible way. You can create different boards for different projects and then add cards with details to each board. You can also add images, files, and comments to each card to keep things organized.
  2. Asana - Asana is a great tool for teams who need to collaborate on projects in real-time.
  3. Monday - Monday (formerly DaPulse) organizes your entire team into one platform. The service also offers a mobile app that lets you access your projects from anywhere.
  4. BasecampBasecamp is a web-based project management tool developed by 37signals, a Chicago-based software company. Basecamp can be used to coordinate multiple projects and store related files such as design, programming, marketing and legal documents all in one place.
  5. TeamworkTeamwork Projects is another popular app for managing projects that offers plenty of useful features such as budget tracking, time tracking and reporting tools. Teamwork Projects also includes features like Gantt charts which help to visualize your project schedule and keep track of timelines.

Glip (free)

If you're looking for a free project management software that works great on Mac, Glip is a good option. It's simple to use and has all the features you need to get started. Plus, it integrates with other productivity apps like Google Calendar, so you can stay on top of your projects and appointments in one place.

Trello ($5/month - free trial available)

Trello is a great project management tool for small businesses because it's simple to use and easy to learn. Plus, it's affordable at just $5 per month (or free if you have a smaller team). 

It's also one of the only project management tools that has a native app for Mac, making it ideal for Apple users.

Basecamp (free - $12/month Pro plan)

Basecamp is a project management software that helps you keep track of tasks, communicate with team members, and store files all in one place. 

The free plan includes up to three projects, while the Pro plan gives you unlimited projects and additional features like message boards and to-do lists. Basecamp is perfect for small businesses or teams working on short-term projects.

Asana (free - $80/monthly Premium subscription)

Asana is a great project management tool for Mac users because it has a sleek interface and is very user-friendly. Plus, it integrates with other Apple products like iCloud and Reminders. Asana also offers a free plan for small teams, making it a great option for start-ups.

Hubstaff (paid monthly - starts at $5 per month with 30 days free trial.)

  • Hubstaff is a great project management software for mac because it has a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • It's also affordable, starting at just $5 per month.
  • Plus, it has a free trial so you can try it out before committing to anything.
  • Hubstaff is great for managing projects of all sizes, from small tasks to large construction projects.
  • The online project management software will help your team plan and organize their work in a way that's clear to everyone.
  • The project calendar lets you view all the work your team has planned for the week or month, and it lets your clients see what you're working on, too.
  • Hubstaff Tasks' board view is like using Trello or Jira, and it makes it easy to keep track of important tasks.
  • You can create recurring tasks to make sure important checklists get done at regular intervals.
  • Your team can comment on or discuss any part of a task - for example, a client might comment that the design needs to be changed slightly.
  • You can give your team access to the resource library so they can always find images, documents and other files they need to do their work.
  • Hubstaff Tasks is compatible with a large number of third-party apps so you can easily connect it with the tools you already use.

Hubstaff Tasks makes it easy for your team to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world.


As you can see, there are a number of great project management software packages for Mac users. 

Whether you're a freelance designer looking for a more robust project manager than iCal, or an individual that wants to keep track of those tasks around the house, there's a program out there that will work for you.


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