Best Small Business Management Software

Small Business Management Software

Best Small Business Management Software
Small Business Management Software

There's a common misconception that small businesses have no hope in using advanced technology because of the budget. 

That they need to make do with the bare minimum and utilize antiquated practices. Just the opposite is true. 

Your small business can benefit more from using the right software than companies with several thousand employees combined. 

Business management software helps to not only run your small business but gives you more time to focus on improvements and growth.

What is business management software?

Business management software is a system that helps you run your small business.

It can help you keep track of your finances and inventory, manage your employees and customers, and ensure compliance with government regulations.

It's important to note that business management software isn't just for big businesses—it's also great for small businesses.

 In fact, the more complex your business is, the more likely it is that you'll need some kind of system to help you manage it!

What is Small Business Management Software?

The best small business management software is what helps you keep track of all your company's needs, from customer service, to inventory management, to accounting

You can find all of these features in one place with a good business management software program.

All-in-one small business software is exactly what it sounds like: a single piece of software that will help you manage every part of your business, from the front end to the back end.

 All-in-one solutions are great for those who don't want to juggle multiple programs—you can just use one and get everything done!

Business management software examples include things like customer relationship management (CRM), order tracking and fulfillment, inventory control, invoicing and billing systems, accounting and payroll services. 

All these features are built into one easy-to-use interface so that you can save time while making sure your entire team has access to the information they need at any given moment.

Best business management software gives you all the tools you need to run a successful company without having to learn new programs or hire additional employees for each task you need completed on an ongoing basis!

How to Choose the Best Small Business Management Software for Your Company

  1. Trello
  2. Favro
  3. Scoro
  4. HubSpot CRM
  5. Zoho One
  7. Timely
  8. Odoo
  9. ProofHub
  10. Flodesk
  11. Bitrix24
  12. Apptivo
  13. HoneyBook
  14. Connecteam
  16. StudioCloud
  18. Netsuite
  19. FreshBooks
  20. Atlassian JIRA

1- Trello | Manage Your Team's Projects From Anywhere

Best Small Business Management Software
Manage Your Team's Projects From Anywhere

Trello is the best project management software for small businesses.

Here's why:

  1. Trello is easy to use. You can get started with Trello in just a few minutes, and you don't need any technical expertise to get the most out of it.
  2. Trello is customizable. You can configure your boards to fit your team's workflow, and you can even create your own cards or boards to manage specific types of tasks or projects.
  3. Trello has great mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. which means that you can access all of your important information from anywhere at any time!

Trello Review 

  1. Trello is a flexible, visual project management tool that can be adapted to many different kinds of projects.
  2. Trello is used by everyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Trello has three built-in views: board, calendar, and list.
  4. The card view is the most basic and customizable view in Trello.
  5. The calendar view turns cards into events on a virtual calendar.
  6. The list view turns boards into columns of information.
  7. You can add team members to boards as observers or editors, and specific boards can be set as private or public within your organization.
  8. Trello is free to use and has three tiers of paid plans for personal use or business.
  9. Trello's main features include boards, cards and lists, due dates and reminders, comments, checklists, assorted file support, and more.

With its collaborative features, flexibility and affordability, Trello is an all-around great choice for workgroups that need a way to manage projects visually

Trello Pros

  1. Trello is a great way to stay on top of your team's tasks.
  2. It's great for teams of any size.
  3. It can be used for personal tasks as well as professional ones.
  4. Trello is free to use which makes it appealing, and you don't have to be tech savvy in order to use it but there are template boards that can help get you started quickly if needed.
  5. The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and straightforward, which means that there is less need for training than some other project management tools like Asana or Basecamp (which have more features).
  6. Trello has several integrations such as Gmail, Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zapier and Dropbox which allow you easily connect your business processes together with one simple click of a button.

Trello Cons

  • Trello supports only basic searches.
  • File sharing is not available.
  • Trello doesn't have a built-in time tracking feature.
  • There's no option to create dependency tasks.
  • It's not possible to export the data from Trello to other platforms.
  • Interface isn't very intuitive and takes time to learn.

2- Favro | Manage your Projects Online

Best Small Business Management Software
Manage your Projects Online

Favro is a SaaS solution for small businesses to manage their projects online.

Manage your projects online with Favro, the best small business management software.

Favro is an online project management solution for small businesses. With our web-based platform, you can easily manage all of your projects in one place. You can collaborate with your team members, share files, and get notifications on updates. 

Manage your projects online with Favro, the best small business management software.

Favro Review

  1. Favro is a project management tool built for agile teams. Favro helps with planning, collaboration, and more.
  2. Favro offers a free trial with no credit card required, which is great.
  3. For Teams Basic Plan ($10 user/month), you get time tracking, custom workflows, multiple views, and reports.
  4. I like that there is a free plan offered to users, which includes unlimited boards and cards.
  5. The free plan includes support via email.
  6. The software is easy to use. They also offer team training for an additional fee.

This could be a good tool for managing complex projects or large teams.

Favro Pros

  • Some of the best features in the app are that it works with both Android and Apple devices. 
  • You can also get on-demand delivery for an extra $2.99 so it is on your doorstep within an hour of ordering. 
  • If you have questions about the food, you can ask 24/7 through a chatbot and service staff will always answer any issues or concerns you may have.
  • Favro Pros has many features that make it easy to use, such as being able to order from multiple stores at once with just one delivery fee and having live tracking on all your orders so there's no need for guesswork about when your favorite meals will arrive at home or office! 
  • The company offers delivery within 30 minutes if you're near their location and 45 mins if you're farther away - which is pretty fast considering most other services take up to two hours!
  • They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if anything goes wrong with your order they'll refund it in full or replace it free of charge (within reason).

Favro Cons

  • The favor company does not have a good way to communicate with the runner.
  • The favor company can send you on tasks that are out of your local area.
  • There is no pay protection for tips and deliveries.
  • Favor does not offer sick days for their employees.
  • It is hard to get promoted with the favor company.

3- Scoro | Work Management Software


Best Small Business Management Software
Work Management Software

Scoro is a work management software that helps teams of all sizes to collaborate, manage projects and grow their business. With Scoro, you can track time and expenses, manage your team members' tasks, and get a clear picture of the status of all your projects.

Scoro also offers integrations with top productivity tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack or Zapier. Scoro is available on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Scoro was founded in 2015 by Sergey Drozdovskikh and Ilya Khramtsov. It has more than 6 million users worldwide and was named one of the best small business management software by Forbes magazine in 2018.

Scoro Review

  • Scoro is one of the most powerful project management software solutions on the market.
  • It offers an impressive number of features for workflow optimization, time tracking and billing, budgeting and forecasting, project planning, managing client relationships, and more.
  • This tool allows you to quickly delve into the core functions of your company.
  • At the same time, its sleek and intuitive interface is so user-friendly that you don’t need any special training to get started with it.
  • It allows you to create custom workflows and dashboards based on your needs.
  • The solution also has a number of reporting tools that provide you with detailed statistics about your team’s performance.
  • Another important aspect of this software is its strong integration capabilities.
  • You can connect it with an array of third-party applications such as Google Drive, Slack, Zapier, QuickBooks Online and many more.
  • Scoro was designed to help enterprise businesses streamline their sales and workflow processes in order to gain more efficiency and productivity.

Better insights into your projects allow you to know exactly where your company stands at any given moment.

Scoro Pros

  • Scoro is an all-in-one business management software that includes features such as time and expense tracking.
  • With its wide range of features, it helps users manage their work easily.
  • It is a great tool for companies who want to simplify their work processes.
  • Since the software has customer relationship management tools, users can use them to streamline the operations of their business.
  • The software provides a platform for companies to manage their projects  and tasks easily.
  • It also has inbuilt reports that allow users to analyze the progress of their projects effectively.
  • The software also has time tracking feature which helps in managing employee time cards with ease.
  • One of the best things about this software is that it comes with a free trial version so that you can test drive it before making any decisions.

Scoro is the best project management system for small businesses because it is affordable, easy to use and has many different features to help you get your project done well without overspending on overhead costs.

Scoro Cons

  • Easy to use, but limited to one user.
  • Expensive for a single user.
  • Dashboard can be quite confusing and intimidating.
  • No free trial.

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4- HubSpot CRM | Monthly Pricing Options

Best Small Business Management Software
Monthly Pricing Options

Are you looking for a CRM that's both affordable and powerful? Look no further than HubSpot CRM!

With HubSpot CRM, you can create your own custom reports and dashboards to track key metrics, run automated campaigns and nurture leads, and manage all of your data in one place.

HubSpot CRM is one of the most affordable options on the market when it comes to getting started with a CRM

It also has many features that are not available in other free CRMs such as Salesforce or Zoho.

If you're looking for a free or low-cost CRM solution, HubSpot CRM is definitely worth checking out.

HubSpot CRM Review

  1. HubSpot has a CRM that does what you need it to.
  2. HubSpot can help small businesses with customer relationship management tasks.
  3. With HubSpot, you can make connections with customers and keep track of your interactions with them.
  4. HubSpot has a free plan that lets you do a lot.
  5. HubSpot’s user interface is efficient and clear.
  6. The HubSpot free CRM comes with training materials and helpful customer support options.

HubSpot is the best CRM for most small businesses.

HubSpot CRM Pros

  • HubSpot puts a premium on both transparency and employee professional development.
  • HubSpot employees have access to a bounty of training resources.
  • HubSpot’s product is definitely strong enough to compete with big names in the industry.
  • The company offers a wealth of training opportunities for its employees -- many of which require travel.
  • “The company culture is friendly, innovative and the future possibilities are endless.”
  • HR is very open to feedback, and makes an effort to address concerns and make improvements.

HubSpot has good reviews as well as room for improvement as a company.

HubSpot CRM Cons

  • The biggest con of HubSpot is that the software is priced for enterprises, not small businesses.
  • HubSpot has a long learning curve for new users.
  • HubSpot does not give you data on many important metrics.
  • HubSpot makes it hard to organize contacts.
  • HubSpot is not the best solution for ecommerce businesses.

5- Zoho One | Low-cost implementation

Best Small Business Management Software
Low-cost implementation

Zoho One is a cloud-based business management software that helps you manage your business from one place. 

With Zoho One, you can manage your customers, leads, employees, inventory and accounting from a single platform.

Zoho One has an impressive range of features. You can use it to create custom forms and emails, get insights into how your customers are using your products and services, monitor the performance of your employees, keep track of inventory and accounts receivable and payables as well as create invoices and quotes.

Zoho One also comes with an integrated CRM tool that allows you to keep track of leads, contacts and opportunities in real time so that you can make sure that nobody slips through the cracks or forgets about someone who's waiting for a response.

Zoho One Review

  1. Zoho One also has a zero-learning curve, which means employees don’t need to be trained to use it and
  2. Deployment of Zoho One within your business is easy (and this is the second big pro) because Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of 40+ applications.
  3. You can choose to use only those apps that best suit your small business, at low cost and with high convenience.
  4. The third big benefit of Zoho One is the “One Platform”, which runs all its applications through one control panel.
  5. This means you can manage your small business simply by managing this one platform, without having to log in separately for each application and
  6. If you do decide to use all the 40+ apps, Zoho One offers all these apps under one cost-effective package.
  7. There’s no need for a different budget for each app like you would have to with other similar cloud-based suites.
  8. The price of Zoho One depends on how many users your small business wants to give access to the suite but

Having an all in one tool can make it easier to run your business while saving money.

Zoho One Pros

  • Zoho One is an integrated collection of 40+ business apps in one place.
  • You can create a custom business app with its low code development platform.
  • You have access to all 40+ apps, including premium versions.
  • There are no limits on the number of users, files or storage space.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and experience.
  • Zoho One offers a simple pricing plan that can be used across any number of businesses.
  • Zoho's customer service team is available 24/7 via email and phone.

Zoho One Cons

  • No search bar on the home screen.
  • The Zoho One logo is always in the top left corner, and you can’t move it.
  • Navigation takes some getting used to.

You will need to spend some time learning how to navigate around Zoho One, but once you have got the hang of it, you won't have to worry about expensive licensing fees ever again!

6- | Document Collaboration for The New Era

Best Small Business Management Software
Document Collaboration for The New Era is the best small business management software for document collaboration.

With, you can easily collaborate with your team and clients on documents using the latest features like real-time voice chat or video calls, or by simply sending an email. 

You don't have to worry about security because all of your communication is encrypted end-to-end.

Your team will love how easy it is to use's user interface - it's a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes creating content simple and intuitive. Review

  1. We found Bit, a company that claims to be the solution to centralizing your teams' workflows and processes, including tasks, projects and documents.
  2. The most interesting feature is the centralization of tasks, knowledge and documents in one place.
  3. In our search for the best small business management software, we've reviewed several solutions.
  4. However, they are often limited in their features or their user experience is not intuitive.
  5. Most of the issues we experienced were linked to the poor UI of the app, which means Bit has a lot of work to do on the design side.
  6. Overall, Bit is an interesting tool for centralized team workflows -- but it still needs some polishing in some areas.

it's an interesting alternative to Asana or Trello if you were looking for something similar. Pros

  • is an awesome tool to create, manage and store all your documents in one place.
  • The software can be used to create Wiki Pages, Blogs, Presentations, Sales Collateral, Documentation, Product Manuals and Knowledge Bases.
  • The software has a very simple UI/UX and is extremely easy to use.
  • The software is highly scalable and can be used by teams of all sizes.
  • Bit documents can be created without any sign-up is complete within seconds.
  • It allows users to collaborate on documents in real-time with the ability to assign tasks, leave comments and mentions.
  • Bit gives you control over the privacy of your content there are three types of privacy setting - Private, Team Only and Public.
  • You can also export your documents as PDF or PNG for offline usage and presentations.
  • is an online document collaboration platform that allows teams to create, collaborate, share, and track progress of all documents in a single place.
  • Bit gives teams a single workspace to manage all of their content and documents. Section: The share feature also let us share publicly, internal links, or protect with password-protected links.

Bit is an excellent collaboration tool for teams looking to replace Google Docs and drive productivity among their team members! Cons

  • No Sync With Google Drive.
  • No Unlinking From Bit & Log Out.
  • No Risk-Free Trial.
  • No Option For Unlimited User Access.

7- Timely | Track Time Easily

Best Small Business Management Software
Track Time Easily

We know you're busy. That's why we've made it our mission to help you get more done in less time.

With Timely, you can track your time easily and accurately so that you can spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it.

You can also use Timely to book meetings, create templates for sending emails, and much more.

Timely Review

  1. Timely also offers features to help you manage your clients, such as a client portal, client profiles, and a loyalty program. 
  2. Advantages of Timely include the fact that it is easy to use and has complete functionality. 
  3. If you regularly need to change any of those details, you can save yourself time by creating a staff profile for them instead. 
  4. Whether you’re looking for something to get your team on board with or something a bit more simple and straightforward, we've got everything you need at Timely.
  5. If you see just how simple it is to get your bookings online in minutes and try it out with our free two week trial, we'll also give you a $50 credit your first month with us.
  6. Timely is built around the idea that better businesses will come from better booking software. Takeaway: You'll quickly see why thousands of people love using Timely every day to save time, make more money and create amazing experiences for their clients.

Timely Pros

  • Timely is user-friendly, affordable and offers a superlative customer support service.
  • It moves your business forward by automating your appointment schedule, providing real-time reporting on sales and staff performance.
  • Timely enables users to manage appointment bookings, transactions and client communication in one place.
  • Timely’s booking system allows you to receive online bookings, 24/7, with no diary restrictions.
  • It has the ability to auto-remind your customers via email and SMS of upcoming appointments to help reduce no shows.
  • The software provides real-time dashboards that give insights into your business performance at a glance.
  • Timely allows users to synchronize their calendar with their favorite application including Gmail, Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • The platform integrates with a variety of leading applications like Instagram so as to connect with clients in the places they spend time.
  • A robust inventory tool that enables businesses to track purchases of stock items, suppliers and margins.

Timely is a web based salon management software which makes doing business easy for small businesses.

Timely Cons

  • No option to use time tracking offline.
  • Does have a few basic features that are missing like upload files or send email confirmations.
  • Doesn't have the option to automatically post to social media.
  • Doesn't have the ability to identify search engine keywords or check competitors' websites.
  • Doesn't have AI-driven tools.

8- Odoo ERP Software - Book A Free Odoo Demo

Best Small Business Management Software
Book A Free Odoo Demo

Odoo is a business management software that can help you organize your company's data and improve productivity.

Odoo's features include: invoicing, accounting, sales and marketing, customer service, e-commerce, inventory management, project management, HRM (human resources management), CRM (customer relationship management), and other modules.

Book a free demo today to see how Odoo can help your business!

Odoo Review

  1. Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.
  2. The most popular first-party app is the enterprise resource planning software. 
  3. The main problem is that it feels like the interface has been built around the need to use a mouse and keyboard and hasn’t never been adapted for mobile devices.
  4. For many businesses and organizations with no technical experience, it could take months to set up and configure a system. 
  5. It also struggles to support simple common CRM processes such as email integration or lead scoring.
  6. On the other hand, if you have someone in-house who can handle setup and configuration but you lack in-house technical support, Odoo offers an advantage over proprietary ERP software.

Odoo is one of the leading players in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market.

Odoo Pros

  • Odoo is a web-based open source business management software that assists with a wide range of business needs, from supply chain and project management to accounting and HR.
  • Odoo offers strong project management tools.
  • With Odoo, you can manage your accounting and finances completely online.
  • In the mobile age, it’s important for businesses to be able to access applications remotely.
  • Odoo has pricing plans for small and large enterprises alike.
  • Getting online help is easy.
  • A dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your business needs.
  • Using Odoo can help your team work together and collaborate in real time, even if they’re not in the same location.

For most businesses, Odoo is a good fit.

Odoo Cons

  • Odoo works best with a team.
  • You'll work more productively when you have peers who can ask your advise.
  • The system is easy to use, but there's a support desk for you to get help when you need it.
  • For larger organizations, it can be hard to keep everything updated, so storing data in the cloud is a good idea.
  • If you're starting a new business and don't yet have many customers, the free version of Odoo is the right choice.
  • You can do just about anything with Odoo that you can with WordPress, though both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses.


9- ProofHub | All-in-One Project Planning Software...

Best Small Business Management Software
All-in-One Project Planning Software...

ProofHub is the best project management software for small businesses.

It offers all-in-one project planning and management functions, which allow you to easily manage projects and collaborate with your team.

The software is available on all major platforms including Windows and MacOS. It also includes a mobile app so you can access all your data offline or on the go. 

ProofHub comes with numerous features that make it easier to manage your business. Some of these include: 

  1. Task Management: You can create tasks, assign them to others, track their progress and receive notifications when they're completed. 
  2. Time Tracking: You can track time spent on each task, monitor everyone's performance and bill clients accordingly. 
  3. Document Management: The tool offers document storage so you can securely store files related to each project or client in one place (e.g., contracts, financial documents). 
  4. Communication Tools: You can communicate with clients via email or text messages using ProofHub's integrated tools (e.g., adding notes within emails).

ProofHub Review 

  1. ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software that helps teams to collaborate and manage projects in a single place.
  2. ProofHub offers multiple features ranging from Kanban boards, Gantt charts and calendars, to proofing tools and custom roles.
  3. With its impressive list of features, ProofHub has become one of the most popular project management tools.
  4. If you are looking for a project management solution that offers the right blend of affordability and robustness, then ProofHub will be an ideal choice for you.

A well-rounded project management tool with exceptional support, ProofHub is one of the best options if you don’t care about time tracking.

ProofHub Pros

  • It’s free to sign up.
  • Invite unlimited users to your account.
  • Integrate your account with ProofHub with over 35 different tools and apps.
  • ProofHub ensures safety and security of data by maintaining the highest levels of compliance.
  • Create a user manual for your project team, so that everyone knows how to use ProofHub!
  • You can have custom roles for each member you add to the team.
  • Know who is doing what by using the time tracking feature in ProofHub.
  • Keep track of the progress on all of your projects with progress indicator and the reporting tool.
  • Receive timely email notifications and updates on various aspects of your work in real-time. 
  • Add notes, documents, images and other files to your discussions (and even upload files up to 100 MB).
  • Take decisions faster by using the Kanban board tool and reduce bottlenecks in work process.

ProofHub comes with many features that are sure to help you grow your small business!

ProofHub Cons

  • ProofHub is not free.
  • You can't customize your workflows, for example you can't change the stage names in Basecamp.
  • You cannot set task priorities, making it harder to organize projects with a team of people who have different preferences or ways of organizing tasks.
  • There is no dashboard like there is in Asana and Trello which helps you keep track of multiple projects at once.

10- Flodesk | Email Marketing Software

Best Small Business Management Software
Email Marketing Software

Flodesk is an email marketing software that helps small businesses easily create, manage and send beautiful emails to their customers. It enables you to create unlimited email templates and manage your subscribers in one place.

Flodesk Review

  1. Flodesk is a new email marketing service offered by a company called Flodesk LLC based in Brooklyn, New York.
  2. Flodesk is a brand new email marketing service and has only been available to the public since March 2020.
  3. Unlike some of its competitors, Flodesk offers only one pricing plan at $38 per month or $19 per month if you pay annually.
  4. In addition to sending unlimited emails, this price also includes access to all features and integrations.
  5. Flodesk’s customizable templates allow you to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes and ensure your emails are consistent with your brand.
  6. You can simply drag and drop the elements you want into your emails.
  7. Flodesk also allows you to save custom blocks of content that you can reuse in future emails, allowing you to save a lot of time when creating multiple newsletters or campaigns.
  8. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can create entire emails without ever leaving the platform.
  9. All of this functionality is included in the monthly subscription fee, so there are no additional costs for sending more emails or using advanced features like these.

Flodesk Pros

  • Flodesk is an email marketing software for creative entrepreneurs who want to share their brand's story and grow their businesses with beautiful, on-brand newsletters.
  • The emails you send through Flodesk are designed to be read on mobile and web, so your subscribers can open and read your email wherever they are.
  • Creating a Flodesk account just takes a few clicks and all of the emails you've already sent to your subscribers through another email provider will automatically import into Flodesk.
  • With Flodesk, you'll no longer need to spend time hunting down the right template, or figuring out where the text goes.
  • Flodesk makes it easy to add a signup form to your website, blog posts, and social media channels.
  • Flodesk makes it easy to automate emails based on what subscribers do (like opening an email) or don't do (like not opening an email).
  • You can send unique content in your emails sequentially depending on where a subscriber is in your sequence.

The way that flodesk streamlines its workflow for content creators is truly unlike any other software I have used.

Flodesk Cons

  • No business management software is perfect. Some products have great support, but lack crucial features. 
  • Others have a big set of functions, but may be too expensive for small businesses. 
  • Before looking at Flodesk, it's important to understand some of the things that aren't great about it. 
  • Without those improvements, you might fall into one of the traps below.

11- Bitrix 24 | Start Your Free Trial

Best Small Business Management Software
Start Your Free Trial

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based CRM software that provides everything you need to run your small business. It's easy to setup, use, and customize.

It has everything you need to manage your customers, projects, tasks, leads, and much more. Bitrix24 includes features such as:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Keep track of all your customers' information in one place with contact management features such as lead tracking and sales pipelines.
  2. Project Management - Plan and organize projects with a wide range of tools including task planning, scheduling reminders and reporting metrics like project status or expenses over time.
  3. Document Management System - Store documents online so they can be accessed from any device at any time by anyone who has permission to view them (e.g., employees). 
  4. Task Management System - Break down work into smaller parts using agile methodology techniques such as sprints and iterations that help teams stay focused on what matters most at any given time without getting bogged down on unnecessary details.....

Bitrix24 Review

  1. Bitrix24 is a comprehensive software that caters to businesses of all sizes and serves multiple purposes.
  2. It can be used to make collaboration easy and plan projects, but also offers CRM, HR and time management tools.
  3. It is fully cloud-based.
  4. Bitrix24 offers free plan for up to 12 users with 5GB of storage space.
  5. You can find additional information about Bitrix24 on the company's website, Google Play or the App Store.

If you're looking for a multi-purpose business management tool, Bitrix24 might be just for you!

Bitrix24 Pros

  • Bitrix24 is a free business management suite.
  • It's very feature-rich.
  • Everything you need for a small business is there.
  • You can do social collaboration, chat, sales processes, customer management, project management and more.
  • They also offer cloud solutions for larger companies.
  • Bitrix24 is available in 14 languages.
  • There is an active community with over 500,000 businesses using Bitrix24.
  • There are more than 50 partners globally and they have more than 100 integrations available with other services such as Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, Quickbooks, Sharepoint and others

Bitrix24 seems like a great option for a small to medium business.

Bitrix24 Cons

  • No built-in SMTP server.
  • Free plan is a bit limited.
  • Android app could be streamlined.
  • Not the best choice for larger organizations.

12- Apptivo | Cloud Business Management Software Suite

Best Small Business Management Software

 Apptivo is a cloud-based business management software suite.

It is developed by Apptivo Inc., which was founded in 2012 by Sujith Ravi and Aravind Bhat. 

The company is based in Chennai, India and has an office in San Ramon, California.

Apptivo offers the following products: CRM, Project Management, Sales Force Automation, Accounting and Finance, Order Processing, and Communications.

Apptivo also offers training services for all products.

Apptivo Review

  1. Apptivo is a solution for small companies that helps them integrate their business with apps.
  2. With the help of this application, you can manage all your tasks in one place.
  3. All the information is secure and accessible.
  4. With the help of this app, you can run all your business aspects like sales, customer support, marketing, human resources, accounting, etc.
  5. Apptivo has a feature called multiuser access that allows users to work together as one team.
  6. In order to use this app, you need to register with it by providing basic information about yourself or company.

Apptivo Pros

  1. Apptivo has a free program for three users, as well as paid plans that start at $25 per month.
  2. Apptivo is cloud-based software, meaning there's no software to download or install.
  3. Users can access Apptivo from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  4. It can be used on Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  5. The company doesn't charge any set-up fees or cancellation charges.
  6. The software integrates with some third-party apps like Box and Google Docs, so users can upload and share documents without leaving the program.
  7. A chat feature within the program makes it easy for colleagues to communicate about projects and tasks.
  8. Apptivo has a customizable home page where you can place shortcuts for your most important functions so you'll know exactly where to find them.
  9. If you ever need help using the program, you can contact customer support via phone, email or live chat.

Apptivo offers free and paid options to use their management software..

Apptivo Cons

  • The problem with Apptivo is the way it pushes users to upgrade.
  • The starter plan may not include everything you need
  • It takes time to learn.
  • Not the best for accounting.

13- HoneyBook | Client Management Software for Small Businesses

Best Small Business Management Software
Client Management Software for Small Businesses

If you're looking for a solution that helps you grow your small business, then we want to help.

At HoneyBook, we develop the best client management software for small businesses like yours. 

Whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for years, our team has seen it all and created a tool that makes it easy for you to manage everything from contracts to invoices and beyond.

HoneyBook Review

  1. HoneyBook is an all-in-one client management software that handles everything from lead generation to booking in clients and invoicing.
  2. With HoneyBook, you’ll be able to capture leads through your website and social media, view them in one place, send quotes and proposals so potential clients know exactly what they’re getting for their money, book in clients and organize your schedule, send contracts and payment reminders and collect payments using their secure payment site. 
  3. You can use HoneyBook to accept all kinds of payments, including credit cards, PayPal or ACH bank transfers. 
  4. HoneyBook offers a few different plans starting with a seven day free trial. 
  5. If you cancel before the end of your free trial you won’t be charged anything. 
  6. The Free plan costs nothing but has limited features. 
  7. The Pro plan costs $39 USD per month when billed annually ($49 USD per month when billed monthly). 
  8. It comes with some additional automation features like project templates and auto-booking as well as other features like pipeline reporting and the option to create team members accounts. 

HoneyBook Pros

  • HoneyBook Pros include auto-scheduling, contract templates, electronic signatures, and client questionnaires.
  • Honeybook's templates make it easy to create quotes and proposals that look professional.
  • You can upload a logo, add images and text, and use one of the pre-loaded templates.
  • You can send proposals as a personalized link through HoneyBook or as a PDF.
  • You can see whether or not the client has viewed your proposal, which is helpful for knowing when you should actually follow up.
  • You can activate questionnaires where the client can fill in basic information about their event.
  • It’s also helpful for you to have access to some of the client’s information before speaking with them so you know about their event before you reach out.
  • Honeybook allows you to set up workflows based on what type of service you’re providing.
  • Within that workflow, you can set up reminders that will automatically send your clients emails reminding them to complete certain tasks, like filling out a questionnaire or following up with you after an initial consultation.

HoneyBook Cons

  • Today I'm sharing the key cons of HoneyBook, from my own experience as a user.
  • I won't lie—it's expensive.
  • It's complicated to start using.
  • It has lots of advanced features that most users may not need.
  • The mobile app isn't great.
  • You'll probably get sales emails (but you can unsubscribe).
  • You can't add a team member to your account.
  • As an alternative, you can use Dubsado, Tave or 17 Hats.

14- Connecteam | An Employee App for everyone

Best Small Business Management Software
An Employee App for everyone

It's the first business management software that enables you to work from anywhere and collaborate with your team on the go. 

It's a great way to give your employees the tools they need to be productive, no matter where they are or what device they're using.

Connecteam is available as both a web-based app and an iOS app, so it works on any device—from iPhones to iPads and Macs to Androids. 

It supports both offline access and real-time collaboration so you can always stay up-to-date with what's happening in your organization, regardless of where you are in the world.

This software offers full integration with services like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Slack, and more—so you can easily share files with others who need them while keeping track of important meetings and deadlines all in one place.

Connecteam Review

  1. Connecteam is an all-in-one employee management software app.
  2. If you are looking for a service to help you manage your team and company, look no further.
  3. Connecteam's features will help you keep your team working seamlessly together no matter where they are located.
  4. The app features an internal social network where employees can communicate with their colleagues.
  5. Using the app, employees can submit service requests and get them taken care of quickly.
  6. If your company needs to track time and attendance, there's a tool for that too.
  7. Connecteam keeps everyone in the loop by allowing managers to send quick notifications out to their staff when they need them.
  8. Connecteam is great for companies that have field workers who need access to important documents and other resources while they're away from the office.
  9. The app allows you to schedule tasks and assign them to specific people so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Connecteam Pros

  • Connecteam is a user-friendly all-in-one employee app to manage your workforce.
  • Get a free quote within 24 hours. Our customer support will provide you with all the assistance and information you need, so that you can quickly get started and enjoy the benefits of Connecteam.
  • You don't need to download any software or install any programs. Connecteam is a cloud-based system which means that your employees can access it from any device, at any time, from anywhere!
  • Our customer support team is available round the clock to answer all your questions and assist in every way possible.
  • Our Customer Success Managers are here for you via phone, email, chat, or send us a message online. 
  • Open communication with our clients is what helps us keep improving our service and platform to better suit their needs.
  • Connecteam for small businesses has everything you need to run your company anytime and anywhere! 

We want to help you start saving time and money as soon as possible by providing easy onboarding and training of your team as well as support 24/7.

Connecteam Cons

  • Work time clock is very glitchy. It does not always track when I punch in/out, even on the web version.
  • No way to quickly assign multiple people to a task at once.
  • The news feed feature is nonsensical and I've never seen it used in any of the businesses that have had me use this product.

15- - Time management tools for teams

Best Small Business Management Software
Time management tools for teams is a cloud-based task management software that helps teams to manage their day-to-day tasks and projects. 

It offers features like to-do lists, reminders, email integration, file uploads and cloud storage. The software is available as a web application and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. was founded in 2016 by David Hu and Mark Zhang. They wanted to create a tool that would help businesses manage their tasks effectively and efficiently without having to rely on complicated software that costs thousands of dollars each year. 

The founders started out with $100,000 in funding from angel investors and have since grown the company into one of the most popular small business management tools on the market today. Review is a task management solution that can help you manage your time and projects more efficiently. 

It's an easy-to-use tool that you can use to create tasks, organize them into projects, and assign due dates.

You can also use this app to share your tasks with others in your team, so that you can collaborate on projects together

This is great for small businesses and teams who want to work together on projects without having to use email or other communication tools like Skype or Slack. has plenty of features that make it easy for you to stay organized and get things done quickly. 

You can add tags to each task or project so they're easier to find later on if you need them again; there's also an option for tagging people who might be able to help out with certain tasks if needed (such as "Marketing" or "Engineering"). 

The app also supports time zones, so if someone else in your team lives in another country then they won't have any trouble seeing what everyone else has been working on lately! Pros

  • It's a great solution for freelancers and small businesses.
  • It does everything I need/could possibly want (except for video conferencing).
  • is easy to set up, user friendly, allows me to work from any location, is accessible by my clients, so they can keep track of their projects, allows me to send e-mail proposals, invoices and project updates all in one place.
  • With its streamlined interface and excellent range of features that make it ideal for new businesses seeking a single application to manage every aspect of their operations while keeping costs down.
  • I have been using for over a year now and it has proven invaluable in keeping track of all my clients' projects and events.
  • is worth every cent!
  • enables us to keep on top of the whole team's workload, assignments and timelines which would otherwise be hard to do when everyone's working remotely or away at meetings or travelling all the time.
  • We cannot fault this product and are so thankful to have found it. Cons

  • It doesn't have a calendar feature.
  • It lacks a way to manage your vendors and suppliers.
  • It doesn't have the ability to track projects via Kanban boards.
  • It lacks the ability to track employee training and certifications.

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16- StudioCloud | Award Winning Free Business Management ...

Best Small Business Management Software

Award Winning Free Business Management ...

StudioCloud is the best small business management software available. We're not just saying that, we've been awarded the honor of "Best Small Business Management Software"

We've also won awards for our customer service, and our client satisfaction rate is through the roof.

We know that when you're looking for a new business management software, it's hard to tell which one will be right for you. Our goal is to help you find a solution that works well for your company, no matter what size or industry you're in.

Whether you run a small shop with 3 employees or a large corporation with hundreds of employees, we have something that can work for you. 

StudioCloud's clients range from restaurants to plumbers to IT companies - and everything in between!

So whether you need help managing your finances or keeping track of your inventory, StudioCloud has something for everyone.

StudioCloud Review

  1. StudioCloud has some really amazing features that will help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.
  2. The software includes support for walk-ins, online scheduling, point of sale, marketing automation, and accounting.
  3. The best part is that the application works on everything from mobile devices to desktop computers and syncs with your other apps.
  4. In particular, StudioCloud integrates with Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and Dropbox. There are also a few other integrations available as well but these three are the most popular.
  5. What we like about StudioCloud is how simple it makes running a photography studio or any other type of business. 
  6. It's easy to set up appointments, track payments, and keep track of clients. 
  7. If you want something similar but less expensive then StudioNinja might be worth looking into as well.
  8. Also if you need help deciding which software is right for your business check out our article on the best small business management software.

StudioCloud Pros

  • Easy and user friendly.
  • Allows you to create contracts, invoices, price lists and more.
  • StudioCloud allows you to easily manage your clients.
  • StudioCloud allows you to manage your finances and get reports all within StudioCloud.
  • StudioCloud can be used as a cloud at studio solution.
  • StudioCloud is cross platform which means that it works on both Macs and PCs.
  • With StudioCloud's new app you can easily check your calendar and record expenses, income, and time from any location with a cell signal or wifi connection.

StudioCloud is a great tool for photographers, small business owners, and anyone else interested in getting organized!

StudioCloud Cons

  • You don't get much of a trial period
  • You don't get to test drive studio cloud before you commit to it.
  • There's no desktop access available for Mac users.

17- | Time and Billing Software for Consulting Firms

Best Small Business Management Software
Time and Billing Software for Consulting Firms is an online time and billing software for consulting firms. It's the best business management software for small business owners who want to save time and money.

With one simple dashboard and a user-friendly interface, you can customize your business to fit your needs. You'll have access to invoices, reports & analytics, time tracking, and more! Review

  1. is the best small business management software, created by a small business owner for small business owners.
  2. It was designed to be easy to use and get you straight to the important parts of what you need to do for your business.
  3. The complete system has everything you need, from a comprehensive CRM.
  4. With's powerful accounting software, you can easily keep track of profits, losses and expenses.
  5. The software also allows you to upload invoices and images for expense tracking and more.
  6. has a lightweight sales module that allows you to send out quotes from the CRM interface, email them to clients and track results in real time.
  7. Keep track of your employees with ease by utilizing this robust payroll management system built into's ERP solution. can help you manage your day-to-day operations whether your company is large or small...... Pros

  • Large or small, your business will be rock solid with
  • No more jumping from website to website in order to manage your business. has all the tools a small business could possibly need.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides sales, marketing and management teams with the tools they need to increase productivity and improve customer engagement.
  • Inventory management software is used by small, medium and large businesses to accurately account for stock levels in order to efficiently fulfill orders without over-spending on overhead costs.
  • ERP software is used by medium and large businesses that require integrated applications for managing a variety of business functions such as finance, manufacturing and accounting.
  • Management software for small business typically includes accounting, CRM, HR and other essential applications used by departments throughout an organization.

You can run your whole business from one place with! Cons

  • We will try to show you some of the cons of using but if you really want to know how good this software is, we encourage you to use the 30 day free trial version and test it in real life conditions.
  • The only con of using is that using it means having too much time in your hands. (Joke)

17- NetSuite NPS Survey App - Understand your Customers

Best Small Business Management Software
Understand your Customers

Are you looking for the best NetSuite NPS Survey App?

NetSuite, or NetSuite ERP, is a cloud-based business management software that can help you manage your sales, projects, and finances. It's an accounting system that's been around since 1998.

NetSuite has online versions and desktop versions of their software. The desktop version is more powerful—but it's also more expensive. 

If you're looking for a low-cost option, we recommend the online version for small businesses that want to try out the software before committing to a large purchase.

NetSuite Review

  1. NetSuite is a software solution for small and mid-sized businesses that comes with fully integrated accounting, inventory management, marketing, and ecommerce.
  2. NetSuite is designed to be highly customizable with a web-based interface that can be accessed anywhere.
  3. NetSuite’s dashboard provides a window into your business’s current activities and progress.
  4. With the ability to create custom reports and use mobile apps, you’ll be able to see exactly how well your business is doing at any time.
  5. NetSuite comes with industry-specific solutions, so you can choose the one that best fits your business’s needs.
  6. NetSuite is a subscription-based service, which means there are no upfront costs or contracts to sign.
  7. You'll have access to multiple plans and pricing levels based on what features you need in your business software.

NetSuite Pros

  • NetSuite is cloud based ERP software which is used by thousands of businesses worldwide . It provides everything from e-commerce, accounting, inventory and more .
  • NetSuite's platform features the ability to build and maintain a business ecosystem. From customer relationship management (CRM) to order management, web presence and supply chain management, it offers end-to-end support for business processes .
  • NetSuite’s all-in-one platform allows companies to manage their entire business with a single sign-on. This means that all data across all departments are in one place. This allows for visibility into operations - and an opportunity to improve them based on real time data .
  • NetSuite saves time by reducing the need for teams to manually enter data into separate systems. 
  • With a single source of truth across all systems, the right information always gets to the right person at the right time—eliminating redundant or manual tasks while improving collaboration and teamwork .
  • NetSuite’s integrated eCommerce network lets you create an online store with back office controls. You can manage every aspect of your site including product information and browsing.

NetSuite Cons

  • NetSuite is not cheap
  • NetSuite is not intuitive
  • NetSuite does not integrate with all systems
  • NetSuite does not automatically do what you want it to
  • NetSuite is not available everywhere.
  • NetSuite has few customization options.

19- FreshBooks: Invoice and Accounting Software for Small ...

Best Small Business Management Software
Invoice and Accounting Software for Small 

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses manage their invoices, expenses, and time tracking. 

It's easy to use, and it's the perfect solution for any business that needs to deal with invoices, but doesn't want the headache of dealing with traditional accounting software.

FreshBooks was founded in 2003 by Mike McDerment, who wanted to create a simple way for small businesses to track their expenses and manage their time. 

While he was working on his doctorate in physics at Harvard University, he realized that there were many entrepreneurs out there who needed help running their businesses

That's when he developed FreshBooks' initial product: an invoice system that could be accessed from anywhere in the world via email or through a web browser.

Since then, FreshBooks has grown into one of the most popular alternatives to traditional accounting software like QuickBooks or Sage 50 Accounts. 

It's used by over 1 million small businesses around the world (including big names like Disney), and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down!

FreshBooks Review

  1. FreshBooks is one of the most popular accounting software options for small business owners.
  2. On the whole, FreshBooks has three specific solutions.
  3. A cloud-based accounting solution, FreshBooks is available to anyone with an internet connection.
  4. The first advantage is ease of use. 
  5. Even better, you can make any changes you need to your invoice templates in real time.
  6. Additionally, FreshBooks lets you upload an image of your logo to put on your invoices and use your own custom URL.
  7. Section: The second advantage is secure payment processing.
  8. If a client wants extra time, FreshBooks lets you set up recurring payments that can help you manage cash flow better.
  9. FreshBooks lets you give clients online access so they can log in and see the status of their account or pay on their own.
  10. The third advantage is tracking expenses automatically and easily.

Overall, Freshbooks can be an asset to a company's growth and success.

FreshBooks Pros

  • FreshBooks Accounting is a complete accounting solution for small businesses.
  • FreshBooks accounting software integrates directly with other leading apps.
  • The software can generate invoices, track time, manage expenses and accept payments.
  • It leverages the power of the cloud to enable users to access the application from anywhere at any time using any device.
  • FreshBooks accounting software is easy to learn and use, making it ideal for small businesses that do not require complex accounting functions and need something that is easy to set up and use.

FreshBooks Cons

  • No iOS/Android App for Time Tracking.
  • Some users wish that FreshBooks would make more features available in their free tier.
  • A few users report that multiple invoices sometimes do not go through at once when using FreshBooks, which is a huge inconvenience.

20- Atlassian JIRA | Issue & Project Tracking Software

Issue & Project Tracking Software

Atlassian JIRA is the enterprise issue tracking software that gives teams a central place to collaborate, work, and share information.

Atlassian JIRA is used by more than 40,000 organizations worldwide including Sony Music and Spotify.

The software allows you to track issues, projects and user stories through their entire lifecycle. You can also create custom fields and add attachments to issues as well as configure workflow stages.

JIRA comes in two versions: Cloud or Server (which can be installed on-premise).

Atlassian JIRA Review

  1. It is simple software that helps people to manage their projects easily.
  2. The motto of its service is “Gear for every team”.
  3. Jira does not provide a demo version but offers a 30 day free trial of the paid version. The company also supplies a step by step guide for using the software.
  4. It helps teams to plan and manage the tasks, organize issues and bugs, keep up-to-date with changes in the business and work towards achievable goals.
  5. Its main features include Issue tracking, Project Planning, Pull Requests and Code Review, Collaborative issue Board etc.
  6. The price of Jira starts from US$10/month which makes it affordable to users and is often preferred over other project management software because it has all the essential features that are required for tracking projects.
  7. Some competitors of Jira are Confluence, Slack, Trello and Zendesk.

Atlassian Jira is a powerful tool used by many small businesses especially start-ups because it helps to streamline their growth with great efficiency.

Atlassian JIRA Pros

  • Good for agile development
  • Supports ticket system
  • Supports task management, issue tracking, and project management all in one place
  • Can be customized with add-on apps
  • Has a free version you can try out. 
  • Streamlines team processes
  • Integrates with Confluence's wiki feature, BitBucket and GitHub's source code management, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365's online content collaboration tools.
  • Is flexible and easy to use. 

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Atlassian JIRA Cons

  • It is complicated, making it hard to get started.
  • No real reporting in the free version
  • The setup can be complex, there are a lot of options, and users have found that they accidentally turn on/off features they didn't mean to configure.
  • It is expensive, especially when compared to other similar tools.

Why is small business management software important?

Small business management software helps you automate your day-to-day tasks, streamline workflows, and keep track of your business data.

Small business management software can be a good investment, but only if it has the features you need to streamline or automate tasks that relate to the specific needs of your business.

A few examples include:

  1. Accounting software will take care of your bookkeeping and payroll so you don’t have to hire a team of accountants. Other examples include QuickBooks and Sage 50.
  2. HR software automates onboarding, payroll, employee scheduling, and more. Other examples include Namely and Zenefits.
  3. Project management software helps teams stay on top of projects by organizing tasks into visual project roadmaps. Other examples include Asana and Basecamp.
  4. CRM software manages all customer interactions and tracks sales data so you can grow your customer base. Some examples include Zoho CRM and Salesforce IQ CRM.

There are many different kinds of small business management tools available on the market today, so it’s important to choose one that meets the unique needs of your small business.

What are the main components of small business management software?

Small business management software is a system that helps you manage your business. It can be used to manage the finances, inventory, and employees. 

Some of the key components include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): CRM systems allow you to keep track of all your customers in one place. They can help you create marketing campaigns based on customer data, and also let you send emails and SMS messages to customers.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): ERP systems are designed for larger businesses with multiple locations and multiple departments. They allow you to integrate all aspects of your business into one system so that everyone knows what's going on at all times.
  • Project Management: Project management software helps teams stay organized by tracking tasks and deadlines for projects, as well as managing budgets and resources.

The three main components of small business management software

The three main components of small business management software:

  1. Business planning: This is the first step in small business management, as it's all about defining your business vision and mission. It's also where you'll think about what kind of company you want to be, and how you plan to achieve it.
  2. Accounting: This is the process of keeping track of your money and making sure everything is balanced at all times. The accounting tools on most management software platforms are pretty straight-forward, so don't worry too much if you aren't an accountant!
  3. Human resource management: This is all about keeping track of the people who work for you, from hiring new employees to managing their performance once they're hired.

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