20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software


Let's take a look at the best project management, time tracking and employee attendance software for businesses. By understanding the importance of task management with apps and which software is best, you will be able to effectively manage tasks and employee workflows.

Here's the best time tracking apps to keep your projects and employees on track. There's no shortage of time tracking software out there, it seems like the market is ready for anything that will make managing and monitoring employees just a little easier. 

  • The big names are all there: RescueTime and Toggl, along with a ton of other products. These are some of the best options we found. Free up your time while getting more done by using these great tools.

What is time tracking software?

Time tracking software is a type of task management app that allows you to keep track of how you spend your time. It's useful for both personal and business use, and can be used by small businesses, freelancers, and individuals alike.

Here are some of the features and benefits of time tracking software:

  • Helps employees become more productive by allowing them to see where their time is going each day.
  • Improves work/life balance by helping employees prioritize tasks and complete them more quickly, which means they can go home at a reasonable hour instead of working late every night.
  • Improves employee performance by providing managers with accurate data about how much time each employee spends on different tasks or projects throughout each week so that they can assign workloads properly and give proper compensation for good work done during busy periods like tax season or when there's an influx of new hires coming in at once."

The features of time tracking software vary from app to app, but most include some combination of the following:

  • A way to input tasks into a calendar that shows you how much time you've spent on each one (or multiple ones) so far this week/month/year.
  • A way to mark off tasks as completed when they're done—this helps you feel more motivated and productive since you can visualize how much progress has been made on goals!
  • The ability to add notes or comments about why certain tasks took longer than others or what went well during a particular task (e.g., "I got distracted by a phone call but then got right back on track").
  • The ability to set a timer for each task so that it's easy to see if any given task took longer than expected (e.g., "I thought this would take 20 minutes but in reality it took 40 due to some issues.

If you use this kind of software in your business, it can also help ensure that employees are spending their time working and not goofing off (or vice versa). 

Time tracking software is often used by freelancers so that they know how much money they've made from each client.

Which time tracking software is right for you?

When it comes to finding the best time tracking software, there are a few things you need to consider.

The first thing to consider is your budget. Time tracking software can be expensive, but there are also some great free options out there too. 

If you're working as a freelancer, for example, you'll need something that supports invoicing and billing. If you're an employee who needs to track their working hours and projects, you'll want something that's easy to use and makes tracking your work simple.

Another thing to consider when choosing time tracking software is how much information you want it to collect about your day-to-day tasks. 

Some programs will only track what you do with your computer or phone while others will also track the time spent on other applications like social media or email clients.

The key here is finding a program that fits your needs without being too complicated or difficult to use. You don't want something that's going to take up too much of your time just learning how it works!

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List of 20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software

20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
 Project Management Time Tracking Software

A list of the best project management time tracking software that makes the job easier for you:

  1. Hubstaff Tasks
  2. RescueTime
  3. Toggl
  4. Mavenlink
  5. Replicon
  6. Wrike
  7. Airtable
  8. Actitime
  9. Basecamp
  10. Clockify
  11. Harvest
  12. Hubstaff 
  13. Jira 
  14. Nutcache  
  15. ProofHub
  16. Teamwork
  17. ClickUp
  18. Paymo
  19. Trigger
  20. 5pm

1- Hubstaff Tasks | Easy Agile Project Management Software

20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
Project Management & Time Tracking - Hubstaff

Hubstaff Tasks is a time tracking software built to help you manage your employees and freelancers, as well as any other team member who works for you. 

The app is designed to be easy to use, so even if you're new to time tracking, you'll have no trouble getting started.

Hubstaff Tasks offers several features that make it easy for managers to track their employees' time. You can set up tasks and assign them to employees, which makes it simple to keep track of what everyone is doing at any given time. 

If you want a more comprehensive view of how each person spends his or her day, Hubstaff also includes reports that show how much time has been spent on specific projects or tasks.

Another feature that makes Hubstaff Tasks stand out is its ability to integrate with other apps in order to work in conjunction with other systems in place at your company.

For example, if your company uses Slack or Trello as its messaging platform, then Hubstaff can integrate with those tools so that all messages related to an employee's task will automatically appear within the app itself instead of having them sent through email or another method where they might get lost or forgotten about altogether!

Hubstaff Tasks Review

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that helps you manage your team and get more done. The platform has a feature called Hubstaff Tasks, which can be used to manage your team's tasks. 

Hubstaff Tasks lets you assign tasks to your team members and track their progress. It also lets you keep track of what needs to be done in the future, so you don't lose sight of important projects or deadlines.

The good news is that the platform is available for free if you want to try it out before committing to a subscription. However, there are some limitations on its functionality if you choose not to pay for a subscription plan (more on this below).

Hubstaff Tasks Pros

  • It's got a simple layout, which means you won't be lost navigating through the software.
  • You can also create dependencies between tasks, because your boss will get on you if a task isn't getting completed on time.
  • You do not have to be tech-savvy.  You don't need extensive tutorials to learn how to use it.
  • Hubstaff Tasks is easy to set up and offers simple navigation for newbies. 
  • You can easily add comments via the software, which makes communication with your colleagues much easier.
  • It is also straightforward, so you don't have to spend a lot of time just trying to find the right features and options.
  • Hubstaff Tasks allows you to add several people in your team and assign tasks with ease.
  • The main benefit of using Hubstaff is that it allows users to effectively manage their time and become more productive.
  • It is made easy for you to track the time of your team members, regardless of where their locations are. This is done using an intuitive interface that automatically tracks their work hours and accurately updates the time tracker.
  • Hubstaff also enables you to increase productivity by enabling you to set various limits for your employees’ time spent on each project.
  • Hubstaff is a remote employee monitoring tool that can be used to track activity levels, monitor screenshots, view application and website usage, and even GPS location tracking through mobile devices.
  • With Hubstaff’s payroll feature you can save a huge deal of time as it tracks like hours worked and allows you to pay your virtual employees easily.

            Hubstaff Tasks has several handy features that make project management really easy.

            Hubstaff Tasks Cons

            • You are not allowed to cancel your subscription.
            • It takes a long time to schedule work hours
            • Support only replies through ticket requests

            2- RescueTimeAutomatic Time Tracking and Time Management

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Get Started Free - Time Tracking Software

            RescueTime is a time tracking software that helps you manage your work and productivity. It tracks how you spend your time, so you can figure out where you're wasting it and where you could be doing better.

            It's the best employee time tracking software free that allows you to see what you're doing on your computer so you can increase your productivity and get more done.

            RescueTime Lite is free for Mac, Windows, and Chrome users with unlimited data collection. You can also use RescueTime Lite to track time in Chrome by installing the RescueTime extension.

            It's simple to use, but powerful enough for businesses looking for a complete solution to help them get more productive and make smarter decisions about their employees' time.

            The paid version of RescueTime offers an unlimited number of projects and users, advanced reporting, data export options, and additional features like an app for Apple Watch and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

            RescueTime Review

            Rescuetime is a project time tracking software that helps you track the time you spend on your projects and tasks. Rescuetime free version allows you to track only 10 projects and 10 tasks per day. To use Rescuetime in full capacity, you need to subscribe to one of their plans which start at $5 per month.

            Rescuetime Lite is available for free but it has limited features and only tracks 2 projects and 5 tasks per day. You can upgrade to the professional version of Rescuetime for $5 per month which comes with unlimited projects and tasks tracking, reports and charts, integrations with other apps like Slack and Trello etc.

            The premium version of Rescuetime costs $9 per month but comes with a 14-day free trial so that you can try before buying. If you try out the trial version for two weeks and find out it isn't for you then there is no harm in cancelling your subscription before the two week period is over.

            RescueTime Pros

            • RescueTime is a time-tracking and behavior analysis tool that tracks your time spent on different applications and websites.
            • The app provides a detailed report of your daily productivity activity, giving you an overview of how you spend your time on your devices.
            • RescueTime works in the background, tracking all of the websites and applications you use.
            • You can manually adjust some settings with the free version, such as setting a limit on how much time you want to spend on social media or games.
            • RescueTime's color-coded system gives you a quick visual of how productive your day has been.
            • The free version also provides detailed daily reports that outline exactly how much time you've spent in each application or website.
            • You get unlimited profiles to track an unlimited number of devices.

            The free version of RescueTime is a great way to get started with gaining more awareness of your daily habits and forming more productive routines.

            RescueTime Cons

            • Another RescueTime problem is that there are a number of alternatives to the software.
            • A third RescueTime con is that some users do not like that it does not seem to offer many productivity tools.
            • The final major RescueTime con is that in some cases you may need to turn off the software just to use specific programs.

            3- Toggl | Time Tracking

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Toggl: Time Tracking, Project Planning and Hiring Tools to Help

            Toggl Track is the only time tracking software that makes it easy to track your time and get a clear picture of where you're spending your days.

            With our simple, intuitive interface, you can easily see how much time you've spent on tasks, projects and client work. 

            And with a Toggl Chrome extension and mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can track your time wherever you are—so you never have to worry about missing hours again.

            Toggl lets you log your tasks and manage your time in a simple, intuitive way. It's the perfect tool for freelancers, small business owners, and anyone who wants to get more done with their day.

            The Toggl Chrome extension syncs with your account so you can track time from anywhere on any device.

            Start tracking your hours today!

            Toggl Review

            1. Toggl is a popular time tracking app that works across iOS, Android, and Mac.
            2. In addition to the Toggl Track app, you can use the Toggl Track Chrome extension to more easily track your time while you are browsing the web.
            3. You can also use Toggl on Google Calendar to import events into your timeline.
            4. You can also add manual time entries or make edits to time entries.
            5. Grouping entries by project makes things easy when you want to see how much of your time is being spent on different projects.
            6. In addition to grouping entries by project, you can group them by client or any other criteria that makes sense for you.
            7. You can use Toggl's dashboard reports which will show you how much time a person spends on a project, what they are working on at a given time, and so forth.
            8. You can even track your location using Toggl if you want to know what you were doing during particular periods of time.

            Using Toggl's numerous features will enable you to keep better track of your time and be more productive.

            Toggl Pros

            • It's super easy to use.
            • It's free and you can track time with the free version.
            • It comes with a Chrome extension, which makes it easy to track time from anywhere.
            • You can use it on your desktop and mobile device.
            • With Toggl Track, you can also create reports for billing and invoices, calculate overtime and track productivity.
            • You can even add screenshots of your work to reports to back up your data for clients.
            • The software can be integrated with other favorite apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, GitHub and Trello.
            • The free version includes unlimited team members.

            This free tool can help keep everyone on task and on schedule while working remotely or in office.

            Toggl Cons

            • isn't 100% foolproof
            • no actual time tracking for clients that use it
            • You have to manually add in time blocks
            • Some users say that Toggl is too basic.
            • There are reports of customer service issues with Toggl.

            4- Mavenlink Project Management Software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Mavenlink Professional Services Automation

             Mavenlink is a cloud-based timesheet and project management tool. With Mavenlink, you can create, manage, and track your projects in one place, without the hassle of downloading software or setting up your own server.

            Mavenlink has been around since 2012 and is backed by a team with more than 20 years of experience in project management software

            They have an active presence on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook—and they're always looking for ways to improve their product and make it more accessible to users!

            The app was originally developed as a solution for freelancers who needed help tracking time spent on projects without having to rely on external software like Excel or Google Sheets. 

            The founders wanted to create something that would allow them to focus on their work instead of worrying about whether or not they'd be able to complete their projects on time due to missing information from clients or other freelancers working alongside them.

            Mavenlink Review

            The company offers a free trial option for potential customers to test out the product before committing to it. This is a good opportunity for you to know if the software will be suitable for your business or not.

            The pricing of Mavenlink is $29 per user per month with an annual plan costing $299 per user per year. All plans come with unlimited users and unlimited projects, while there are no limits on storage space and file types allowed (documents, spreadsheets etc).

            There are no contracts required with Mavenlink so you can cancel whenever you want."

            Mavenlink Pros

            • Mavenlink's project management software is powerful and versatile.
            • Mavenlink offers an integrated platform that supports all areas of project management, including scheduling, budget tracking, resource management and reporting.
            • Mavenlink software makes it easy to assign tasks to individuals or groups, track the status of projects in real time and forecast how much time is left on a project.
            • The collaboration tools are robust, with unlimited storage space for files.
            • Mavenlink ensures that each member of the team knows their responsibilities while giving everyone visibility into what everyone else is doing.
            • Mavenlink has a great customer success team that includes supplies on-demand support in the form of one-on-one online training sessions.
            • You can start using the software for free for up to 3 users before deciding whether to subscribe. 

            Mavenlink's features have helped many companies stay organized and collaborative.

            Mavenlink Cons

            • Mavenlink is best for small teams.
            • It is not good for time tracking.
            • Not good for project management with large teams.
            • Not the best choice for project administration.
            • It lacks a lot of integrations.

            5- Replicon Time Tracking

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Timesheet Software Suite - Replicon

             Replicon is a project management software that helps you track your time and expenses, and offers solutions for employee timesheets, expense reports, dashboards and more.

            With Replicon, you can create projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines and track progress on each task. It's all about visibility—you'll know who's doing what and how much time they're spending on it.

            You can also easily generate reports that tell you where your company stands: how much time was spent on each task, who was working on what at what time (and when), etc.

            Replicon Review

            1. Replicon is an all-in-one time management software that tracks time and attendance.
            2. Replicon is a privately held company incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1996 and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with offices in Hyderabad, India, and San Mateo, California.
            3. In April 2011, Replicon acquired Nimble Software Systems, a provider of SaaS timesheet applications.
            4. Services like HR/benefits management, payroll and invoicing are provided via partnerships with third-party service providers such as Ceridian and ADP.

            Replicon is a cloud-based time tracking solution that provides automated time capture for companies to track the hours their employees work.

            Replicon Pros

            • Replicon's time tracking software is the ideal solution for your business and project needs.
            • Replicon's time trackers come at a reasonable price, and offer great features that make them hard to pass up.
            • You can schedule all of your projects in the same program to help keep yourself organized.
            • You'll always be able to budget your projects efficiently with this program, and you can record how much you spent on each one.
            • You'll have access to hundreds of reports at your fingertips, as well as analytics that can show important trends and details.
            • This program is easy to use and doesn't require any special knowledge or skills.
            • The customer service team is excellent and can often resolve your issues quickly and effectively.
            • This program is highly customizable, so you'll be able to use it precisely how you want it to use it instead of having to conform to the system's setup.

            Replicon is a great time tracking system that allows you to keep track of all of your projects in one easy space.

            Replicon Cons

            • Takes time to understand the logic
            • Set up is hard
            • Difficult to track activities that have a decimal time value
            • No search feature in the activity list

            6- Wrike project management software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Wrike Project Management

            Wrike is a Project Management Software for Mac that allows you to manage your projects from anywhere and at any time. It's a cloud-based tool—so you can access it on any device, whether it's a laptop or a smartphone.

            Wrike has many features that make it an ideal project management tool for small businesses. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use, even for those who aren't familiar with project management software.

            It's also highly customizable; you can set up your account so that it works exactly the way you want it to work. For example, if you want to see only certain tasks in your dashboard, you can set up filters that will only show those tasks.

            At only $10 per user per month (or less), Wrike is one of the most affordable project management tools available today.

            Wrike Review

            Wrike is an online project management software that allows you to create projects and assign tasks to team members. You can also add attachments, comments, and links to any document within Wrike. 

            It's easy to use and has some great features like file versioning and task dependencies. Wrike also offers time tracking software so that you can get an accurate estimate of how much time it takes your team members to complete their tasks.

            The best part about Wrike is that it's affordable! The basic plan starts at just $9 per user per month (that's really cheap!). 

            You'll be able to use all of the features on this plan—you won't have to upgrade or downgrade your account later on down the road because there are no hidden fees or charges associated with using Wrike.

            Another thing we love about this product is its user interface (UI). It looks great on any device—whether it's an iPhone in portrait mode or an iPad in landscape mode—and it doesn't matter if your clients are using Google Chrome or Safari.......

            Wrike Pros

            • Wrike offers a wide range of features that you can use to track time and manage projects.
            • Wrike has a free trial option and does not require a long term contract.
            • Many apps do not include all of Wrike's features in one bundle.
            • You can integrate Wrike with other apps like Google Drive, Slack, Box, Google Calendar and Dropbox.
            • You can access your tasks when you are on the go with the mobile app or through any browser.
            • The system offers customizable templates which can be accessed by the users.
            • You'll receive automatic email notifications as well as reminders on your mobile device, making it easy to stay updated at all times.
            • You can collaborate with others within the same project or organization quite easily, thanks to its great collaboration features.
            • Wrike's Gantt chart feature helps you visualize tasks and timelines for more effective project management.

            Other apps may offer the same features individually but don't bundle them together the way Wrike does.

            Wrike Cons

            • All-in-One or Separate Tools
            • No Workload Management
            • Reporting Requires Configuration
            • Paid Subscription Required for Features
            • Limited to 5 Custom Fields
            • Limited Gantt Charts & Reports 

            7- Airtable

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software


            Airtable is a simple, powerful database. It's the easiest way to organize your projects, keep track of inventory, manage your team, and more.

            Airtable is accessible from any device and can be synced across all your devices so you're always up-to-date. And it's powerful enough to handle even the most complicated data entry tasks.

            Airtable is used by thousands of organizations to manage everything from employee information and sales leads to client projects and product inventory.

            Airtable Review

            1. Airtable is a database platform that supports collaboration between teams.
            2. Users can add features and customize the layout of the platform based on their needs.
            3. Airtable can be accessed through its website or through a desktop application.
            4. Airtable's pricing plans offers various features and are suitable for small to large companies.
            5. Airtable has been very successful in the past years, with more than 180,000 companies currently using it.

            Airtable is an easy to use database platform for many different businesses.

            Airtable Pros

            • Airtable has a lot of different views and it can be used to create a database.
            • The built-in automation feature is extremely useful.
            • It is easy to add and remove fields in Airtable.
            • Airtable can also act as a project management tool.
            • One of the best features of airtable is that it allows users to collaborate on projects from anywhere, at any time.
            • Airtable offers a robust API for querying, modifying, and inspecting your data.
            • Airtable is a great database system that is cloud based.
            • Airtable offers a free trial period.
            • Airtable provides an API which you can use to create your own integration.
            • The interface of airtable is very user-friendly and easy to learn. 
            • Airtable keeps a revision history of all of the information in the database, similar to how Google docs does this for documents.
            • Airtable has a feature that allows you to view the changes over time in your database through its calendar function, which is useful for tracking changes across different departments. You will need to use the API for this feature though which requires some technical know-how! 

            Airtable has some pros and cons but is worth trying out for your next project!

            Airtable Cons


            • It's easy to forget the formatting.
            • Not able to produce reports.
            • It is difficult to compare data among different tables.
            • Not great for other types of data.
            • The pricing was confusing and complex.

            8- actiTIME | Time Tracking Software for Smart Teams

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software

             If you're looking for an easy, intuitive way to track your time, actitime is the solution for you.

            With actitime, you can set up your tasks and projects with just a few clicks. Then, every time you start or stop working on a task, actitime will automatically log it in. 

            All of your saved data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere and on any device—and so can your team!

            The actitime app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also use the web-based version from any computer or phone with an internet connection.

            actitime reviews praise its simple interface and easy setup process. They also like how easily they can export reports to share with their clients or colleagues.

            actitime also offers 24/7 support via email or live chat with friendly agents who are ready to help answer questions about using their product as soon as possible!

            actiTIME Review

             ActiTIME is a time tracking software for smart teams.

            We believe that every team deserves to work with the best tools, and we're here to help you find them. That's why we've created ActiTIME—a simple, easy-to-use solution that allows you to track your time and manage your projects efficiently.

            ActiTIME has been designed for teams of all sizes across all industries, so it fits perfectly into your workflow. It's also free for up to three users, so there's no reason not to try it out!

            actiTIME Pros

            • actiTIME app is pretty straightforward and easy to use!
            • actiTIME allows for you to create a quick and easy invoice for clients.
            • actiTIME lets you make changes to the timesheets that have already been saved.
            • The reporting system in actiTIME makes it a good choice for companies that want to keep good records.
            • actiTIME app is highly customizable.

            actiTIME is a great tool for tracking your team's time and productivity.

            actiTIME Cons

            • No offline access.
            • Difficult to manage multiple projects.
            • Users of actiTIME complain about the user interface and navigation.
            • The mobile app is not available in a browser version.
            • Missing some key features such as to-do lists, appointment schedule, and mobile apps.
            • Only allows one billable rate per client and project, which can be problematic for companies that charge different rates for different tasks on the same project.
            • actiTIME does not support workflow customization other than changing the order of functions on the menu bar and hiding those that are not needed.
            • No inbuilt employee self-service portal or document management system.

            9- Basecamp : Project Management

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Team Communication

            Basecamp is a time tracking software for smart teams. It helps teams work together, get organized and get more done.

            Basecamp lets you work together on a project from start to finish without getting in each other's way. You can share files, messages and more with your team right inside Basecamp.

            Basecamp features include:

            • Time Tracking: Track the time you spend on projects and tasks so you can bill clients or make sure you're being paid fairly.
            • Calendar: Keep track of what's going on with your team in one place. No more emails or spreadsheets! You can even add events from Google Calendar or iCal.
            • Project Management: Plan projects, assign tasks and track progress with due dates and milestones. Everyone stays on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.
            • File Sharing: Share large files (up to 10GB) for free with anyone who has a Basecamp account.

            Basecamp Review

            Basecamp is a project management and time tracking software that lets you and your team easily manage projects, collaborate, and get work done. It's free for teams of up to 15 people, so it's great for small businesses.

            Basecamp allows you to create a project plan and assign tasks to colleagues, so everyone knows what they're supposed to be working on. You can even add milestones or due dates!

            It has a messaging feature, so you can communicate with others in the project without having to go through email. This is especially helpful if you want to share files or documents (but don't want to send them through email).

            Basecamp also has a calendar feature that shows upcoming events for each person on the team. This makes it easy for you to stay on top of deadlines and other important events in your life.

            Finally, Basecamp has an activity feed where all your team members' activity gets displayed on one page so you don't have to search through multiple pages trying find out what everyone is working on (or who needs help).

            Basecamp Pros

            • Basecamp has a very easy to navigate screen that allows people from all walks of life and computer knowledge to easily set up and manage their projects.
            • It's a one stop shop for all of your project needs.
            • The ability to track time is extremely beneficial when it comes to billing clients or providing detailed reports of where time is spent.
            • You can also use this platform to create standard templates that can be used over and over again.
            • Another advantage is the ability to integrate with third-party applications, such as Google Drive, among many others
            • There are a lot of other benefits, too.

            Basecamp is an excellent project management tool that teams of all sizes can benefit from using.

            Basecamp Cons

            • Basecamp is not a replacement for a CRM or other project management tool.
            • Basecamp is best for small teams, not large companies.
            • The integration with third-party apps is limited.
            • Some features can be hard to access.
            • Email notifications are sometimes annoying.

            10- Clockify - Time Tracking Software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Clockify™ Official Website

             Clockify is a time tracking software that also has project management features, so you can manage your projects and track the time you spend on them.

            You can create tasks and assign them to team members, creating an easy-to-use project management system.

            The clockify extension is a browser extension that helps you keep track of where you've been online and how long you've spent there, so that you can see what your productivity levels are throughout the day. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

            The clockify download is free for up to 5 users, but if you want to use it with more people or use the premium features (like printing timesheets), then there's a paid version available for purchase from their website. 

            Clockify Review

            It also enables you to create Gantt charts, Kanban boards and task board. You can even monitor your team's performance through the reports which are available in Clockify.

            Clockify has an inbuilt calendar which allows users to add meetings, events and deadlines to their projects. It also allows users to keep track of important dates for their clients such as birthdays or anniversaries.

            The software integrates with Google Calendar so you can have all your appointments in one place without having to switch between programs during work hours.

            You can use Clockify on any device including laptops, desktops etc., as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (Android). The software has a clean user interface which makes it easy for anyone to use it without any complications whatsoever.

            Clockify Pros

            • Clockify is free, which means anyone can use it and get all the benefits of time tracking.
            • Tracking time helps you find out where your time goes, so you can prioritize tasks and measure productivity.
            • Learn how to sync multiple projects across multiple clients from one place
            • Integrate with 50+ tools to maximize efficiency.
            • Take quick notes about what you're working on or add descriptions to fill in the details about projects later.
            • Time billable hours for clients automatically or adjust manually if needed.
            • Choose from a ton of different currencies so your team can log how much they earn doing hourly work.
            • Easy-to-navigate reports show you a wealth of data in an instant. You'll know exactly how productive your team is.
            • With Clockify, everyone is on the same page because you can see what your team is working on in real time.

            Clockify Cons

            • No Offline Mode
            • No Multiple Timers
            • No Desktop App
            • Only One Project
            • Not Enough Integrations

            11- Harvest Time Tracking

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Harvest | Easy Time Tracking Software With Invoicing

             Harvest is the best time tracking software and project management software for small businesses.

            Harvest helps you work smarter, not harder by automating your time tracking and project management.

            Harvest automatically tracks tasks, projects, and time so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

            Harvest integrates with hundreds of apps to help you run your business from one central location. 

            With Harvest's easy-to-use interface, you can track time from anywhere—whether it's on the go or in the office—and receive real-time updates on how much time is being spent on tasks and projects.

            Harvest Review

            1. Harvests time tracking feature is reliable, robust and user friendly.
            2. Harvest offers a flexible budget feature that can be adapted to the needs of your business.
            3. Harvest has a detailed reporting dashboard.
            4. Harvest has a straightforward contract and pricing model.
            5. Harvest does not offer professional payroll and other accounting services.
            6. Harvest lacks a reporting dashboard for invoice information.

            For many businesses, Harvests powerful time tracking and budgets can be worth the price sometimes higher than competitors offerings.

            Harvest Pros

            • The harvest is a cloud-based time and expenses tracking application that helps businesses to track hours, billable and non-billable expenses, and projects.
            • Harvest is a good option for any kind of project because you can keep track of every detail, such as hours worked by each employee, costs per task and project, budgets, and expense reimbursement.
            • Nonprofit organizations will benefit from Harvest's features, which include tracking the amount of time spent on volunteer projects and reporting income related to donations.
            • Harvest allows professionals who work outside of the office to use timesheets in real time with their smartphones or tablets.
            • If you are looking for an application that offers budget forecasting and gives you financial reports of your projects, harvest is a good choice.
            • The program has more than 125 integration options with other software products such as Google Drive, Asana, Dropbox, QuickBooks online accounting software, Basecamp 3 project management software, Slack instant messaging program, Zapier automation tools, Xero accounting software and many others.
            • You can also connect Harvest to third party applications for collecting payments such as PayPal to create invoices.

            Harvest Cons

            • Limited to 50 projects with Harvest
            • Can’t create recurring reports
            • No teamwork on reports
            • No deleting reports

            12- Hubstaff :  Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Tool

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
   Software - Employee Time Tracking


            Hubstaff is a time tracking software for remote teams. The software is designed to help you track your team's work hours, monitor productivity and get insights into what your team is working on.

            You can use Hubstaff to track time and see how long team members are spending on projects, where they're spending their time, what activities they're doing during those activities, etc. 

            Hubstaff also has an app that allows you to monitor your team's activity while they're working remotely.

            Hubstaff Review

             Hubstaff is a time tracking app that makes it easy to track time and get paid. You can track time with screenshots, or you can use the mobile app to record your time.

            The app has a free trial, but you'll have to pay if you want to keep using it after 30 days. The price starts at $5/month for up to 3 users, and goes up from there. 

            You can also upgrade your plan to include more features, like project management tools and integrations with other apps (like Slack).

            The company has been around since 2013, and has over 1 million users. They're headquartered in Canada but have offices in other countries as well as remote teams working from home all over the world.

            When we took a closer look at Hubstaff's Glassdoor reviews we found that most people had positive things to say about working there. 

            One reviewer said they were able to work remotely while still being part of an amazing team who helped him grow professionally; another said they'd recommend working at Hubstaff because of how much pride they take in their work and how small teams mean everyone gets chances to shine!

            Hubstaff Pros

            • Hubstaff is simply the best time-tracking app available right now
            • It saves a lot of time and money!
            • For remote employees, to track their time and keep working
            • You can use the URL tracking too.
            • Easily see what your team members have been working on.
            • There are no issues with using the software at all. The system is simple and easy to use.

            It's a perfect tool for remote organizations, like Hubstaff!

            Hubstaff Cons

            • It requires that you give away a little bit of privacy
            • The screenshots may not be an accurate representation of your work
            • A possible lack of oversight on screen tracking

            13- Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software 

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Jira™ Official Site - Jira™ Software for All Teams

            Jira can track time from within the issue, which will allow you to keep time on issues in a very easy and simple way. You can also track time for multiple users at the same time, so you know who has spent how much time on which issues.

            You can also use Jira's screenshot feature to add images of what you are working on. This is great for when you want to show someone what you're seeing or what you've done so far.

            Jira Review

            1. Jira is an issue tracking and project management tool from Atlassian.
            2. The software integrates with Agile, DevOps and other popular software development methodologies.
            3. Jira’s flexible workflow engine allows users to set up custom workflows that match their business processes.
            4. It is incredibly flexible, meaning it can be used for anything from managing software development projects to tracking help desk tickets.
            5. Jira also provides unmatched visibility into your team’s progress, allowing you to direct your team’s efforts toward the right priorities at the right time.

            Jira has been very successful because it supports a number of different workflows and tools.

            Jira Pros

            • Jira is a tool developed by Australian company Atlassian. It provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions. It helps development teams plan, track, and manage agile and software projects.
            • It offers many choices for time tracking.
            • You can set up stopwatch-style timers or manual entry. 
            • You can see how long every task takes you and use it to help you estimate future tasks more accurately.
            • You can take a screenshot of what you are working on, attach it to the Jira ticket, and the clock will keep running while you do that.
            • There's a free version with limited features available for individuals who want to check the waters before investing in a paid version.

            Jira is a useful tool for managing projects but it takes some practice to learn how to use it well.

            Jira Cons

            • The compatibility issues.
            • It's expensive.
            • Its learning curve is too high.
            • More options than you'll ever need.
            • A bit more complex than it needs to be.

            14- Nutcache Official - Project Management Software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Nutcache Best Alternatives - Nutcache Compare & Review

            Nutcache is project management software that makes it easy to manage your team's time, track client projects, and report on project progress.

            You can easily keep track of time spent on projects and tasks, send invoices and reports to clients, and even integrate with other services like Invoicera.

            Nutcache offers a free trial period with no credit card required.

            Nutcache Review

            1. The business that revolutionizes your world.
            2. Nutcache is a project management tool with a cloud-based collaboration tool, invoicing and expense management features.
            3. Nutcache offers a really nice interface, simple and easy to use.
            4. Nutcache allows you to break down your job into phases, tasks and subtasks.
            5. Nutcache has a great Time Tracker feature, which allows you to track time and expenses of team members on projects.
            6. In addition to the usual overview and analytics reports, you can also generate estimates from quotes or previously invoiced work hours.

            Nutcache is a solid PM software for small businesses and freelancers.

            Nutcache Pros

            • Nutcache is a project management software which has a time tracking tool.
            • A time tracking tool is a great way to manage employee time and to avoid any disputes between you and your employees.
            • The time tracking tool is included in the Pro plan of Nutcache, which costs only $12 per user per month.
            • It tracks how much time each employee spends working on a specific task.
            • This software can be used by small, medium or large-sized businesses.
            • One of the best things about this product is the fact that the data received from your employees can be used for better team management and project planning. 
            • Nutcache’s time tracking software allows you to measure the performance of your employees, therefore allowing you to see who needs additional training.

            Nutcache offers a wide range of services that are very helpful when it comes running a business smoothly and successfully.

            Nutcache Cons

            • It only has a mobile app for iOS.
            • Only available in English.
            • Lacks training materials and live support.

            15- ProofHub - Simple Project Management

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Discover Proofhub Alternative 

            ProofHub is a project management software that helps businesses manage their projects and deliverables.

            This software helps you to streamline the complete project life cycle, from inception to completion. It allows you to capture ideas, organize them into workflows, assign tasks, track time and expenses, collaborate with team members, and much more.

            ProofHub offers features like proofing tools, approval workflows, Gantt chart views and reporting tools. You can also customize the dashboard according to your needs and preferences.

            The ProofHub API allows users to integrate with other applications as well as extend ProofHub's functionality by writing custom code or plugins for it.

            ProofHub Review

            1. ProofHub is a project management and collaboration tool that allows you to plan, organize, collaborate, and deliver projects on time.
            2. ProofHub has a simple and easy-to-use interface where you can plan your tasks in advance, set and prioritize goals and objectives, assign tasks to different teams or individuals, track time spent on a task by each member, communicate and discuss with the team members through emails, online discussions and group chats, upload files from local drives or cloud storage sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive and share it with everyone for reference purposes.
            3. In short, ProofHub makes it easier for you to manage multiple projects on time by tracking all the minute details of a project progress through simple planning tools like Kanban boards, Gantt charts (timelines), task lists, calendar views, time logs etc.
            4. You can even create online proofing galleries to check the quality of your creative content without needing to send multiple emails.

            Proofhub is a project management software that will help your organization stay on top of its goals.

            ProofHub Pros

            • ProofHub is a great project management tool for startups and small businesses
            • ProofHub has been acclaimed by its users for the knowledge base it has created for them
            • ProofHub has some of the finest integrations with other third party apps
            • ProofHub has a free trial option for users to try before they buy
            • ProofHub is user-friendly and uncomplicated
            • ProofHub is an online project and task management solution designed for teams of all sizes. It is a web-based and mobile application that allows users to collaborate in real time on projects and tasks.
            • ProofHub offers a range of powerful features to help businesses run effectively through its dedicated apps for iOS and Android, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, custom roles, proofing tools, time tracking, discussions, chat and reporting tools.
            • ProofHub includes free client portals, workflows and approval tools, checklists and subtasks, cloud storage integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, team calendars, recurring tasks and more.
            • The software can be customized to suit specific business needs by adding custom roles with different access privileges. Data can be backed up on the cloud or downloaded locally via the user dashboard.
            • ProofHub offers a free trial version of its software that allows users to create two projects with unlimited users. This version also features limited proofing tools such as markups (comments), image comparison and approvals. Paid plans start at $50 per month (billed annually) for unlimited projects/clients and unlimited users.

            ProofHub has some unique features that will help you manage your team efficiently.

            ProofHub Cons

            • ProofHub is not free.
            • There is no mobile or offline app available.
            • It is limited to a basic project management.
            • You can’t integrate it with other apps.
            • It is not very user-friendly.
            • Pricing plans are not flexible.
            • It lacks a few features that most of the project management software offers.

            16- Teamwork | Team Management Software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Teamwork -

            Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

            Teamwork is the art of getting together people who singly can do something and, by combining their efforts, create something greater than the sum of their abilities, knowledge and experience.

            Teamwork is not about being nice but about being effective. It's about doing more than you could do on your own by using the power of synergy, which brings out the best in each individual.

            Teamwork Review

            1. The concept of Teamwork makes it difficult to handle projects and teamwork.
            2. Due to its simplicity, the tool is highly recommended for those who want a simplified way to manage their projects.
            3. Teamwork is not the ideal project management solution for those who are looking for a one-tool solution.
            4. Teamwork is among the best project management software solutions catering to small business owners.
            5. Because it is such an easy-to-use tool, users won’t have problems understanding its different features.
            6. The simplicity of Teamwork is what makes it quite popular among new project managers.
            7. What makes Teamwork even more convenient is that it can be integrated with applications like Google Drive and Office 365.

            In conclusion, if you want a collaborative tool that caters to small businesses, then look no further than Teamwork.

            Teamwork Pros

            • Easy to use
            • Ease of communication
            • Has different plans
            • Works well with Microsoft Word, Excel and other apps

            Teamwork is great.

            Teamwork Cons

            • May not be as intuitive for new users.
            • Has multiple project spaces.
            • More advanced features might require some expertise with its interface.
            • Limited access to files can be frustrating for some users.
            • You can only use the software on a single device at a time; it won't sync with updates done in other locations.

            17- ClickUp | One app to replace them all

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            ClickUp Does What Others Can't

             ClickUp is a team management software that helps you work better together.

            With ClickUp, you can create projects and organize tasks from the same place. You can assign tasks to team members, and keep track of their progress with the activity feed. It's all about collaboration!

            ClickUp also has an intuitive Gantt chart feature so you can see when everyone's working on what. And if you need to make sure that everyone is on track, there's a built-in deadline reminder feature that will send out notifications when it's time to get back to work!

            ClickUp Review

            1. ClickUp is an advanced team and project management tool that enables users to prioritize tasks and complete projects more efficiently.
            2. The platform transforms the way teams work together in terms of productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.
            3. One of the best things about ClickUp is its flexibility.
            4. The platform offers a lot of flexibility to suit everyone.
            5. Besides, you can also create your custom features by integrating 2,000+ third-party integrations.
            6. It works great with several popular apps like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.
            7. You can get started with ClickUp at absolutely no cost.
            8. But you'll have to upgrade your plan to access advanced features like Mind Maps, Board View, Task Dependencies, Custom Fields, etc.
            9. If you need more than 100GB of storage space and multiple workspaces, then you will have to pay $5/month for each additional GB and $9/month for each additional workspace.

            ClickUp is considered one of the most flexible project management tools available today.

            ClickUp Pros

            • ClickUp is a  versatile project management tool that supports multiple types of task organization, including a Kanban board, list, box and calendar views. 
            • The platform has a robust feature set and integrates with a wide variety of applications. 
            • It also offers a free version and pricing packages designed to accommodate users at different stages of business growth.
            • The free plan provides unlimited users, 100MB storage and access to the majority of the platform’s features. 
            • Also, if you invite three friends to use the ClickUp app and they subscribe to the Pro version, you'll get a one-year Pro account for free.
            • The mobile apps work flawlessly too and they have a lot of features like reporting, time tracking and adding new tasks that can be done on the go without having to log into your computer.

            ClickUp is an excellent project management tool with some serious potential to become one of the top tools in this industry in the near future.

            ClickUp Cons

            • ClickUp is a team management software tool. It will help you manage your team and get things done in the best way possible.
            • ClickUp has a steep learning curve. You will need some time to learn it, but then it will be easy to use.
            • ClickUp is not cheap for larger teams. If you are an individual or run a small business, it can be good for you.
            • ClickUp is not really suited for Kanban style projects.
            • With ClickUp, you can only integrate with other tools that have an integration available. You cannot do custom integrations.

            18- Paymo Work and Project Management Software for Teams

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            Paymo™ Official Website

            Paymo is the perfect team management software for your small business. We're a project management software that's super easy to use, with a simple interface and no complicated features.

            Our team management software allows you to manage your projects and employees in one place—and it's all right there when you need it.

            Our clients love the fact that they can track their employees' time and see what they're working on at any given moment. They also love how easy it is to create new projects, set up tasks, add people to tasks, and check out what everyone else is doing at any given time.

            Paymo Review

            1. Paymo is a project management tool designed to help businesses manage their projects and keep track of the time they spend on each project.
            2. Paymo offers various features that cover every aspect of project management, from planning and assigning tasks to tracking billable hours and making payments.
            3. The software aims to make teamwork as easy as possible, offering features to give your team members an overview of their activities for the day and a place to chat with one another in real-time.
            4. Paymo also includes features for sending out invoices, managing expenses and keeping track of timesheets.
            5. Paymo is available on the web through its website, but it also has mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

            Paymo is designed to be used by individuals and small business owners alike.

            Paymo Pros

            • Access to your projects and data on any device, anytime.Staff can view their time for each task, so they always know how much time they have left 
            • Managers get notified of late or missing timesheets.
            • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
            • Staff can track their time, even when offline.
            • Clients also get online access to the project details they need.
            • Customizable and branded project areas are great for client communication
            • Online stopwatch tracks work time and identifies productive hours.

            Paymo is a good team management software choice.

            Paymo Cons

            • It's not a free time tracking software.
            • You have to deal with slow loading times.
            • No unlimited projects, users or clients.
            • Added features like client billing, task dependencies and project planning are paid add-ons.

            19- Trigger

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            ClickUp Does What Others Can't

            A trigger is an event or problem that causes a project to begin or to be modified. Triggers can be either internal or external to the project, and they can be either positive or negative.

            Project triggers are important because they help your team take action on their plans and goals as soon as possible.

            Trigger Review

            1. Overall Project Management Software Rating.
            2. Trigger is a good project management tool that focuses on team communication, and customer relationship management.
            3. It has many features like task assignment, file sharing, commenting, email integration and more..
            4. This software has different modules like customer relationship management, track time, project management etc.
            5. Trigger helps users manage their projects better with its visual task scheduling tool.
            6. Users can also create calendar events using trigger software and track the progress of each project.
            7. The client management module allows you to create invoices and quotes as well as follow-up on payments from clients.

            Trigger is a project management tool which has some interesting features!

            Trigger Pros

            • Handle project delays
            • Reduce escalation of risks
            • Easy to learn
            • Easy to Use
            • Customizable
            • Cloud-based software
            • Real-time reporting

            Trigger Cons

            • Employee Resistance
            • Customer Service Problems
            • Lack of Flexibility
            • No Integration
            • Limited Communication
            • Fewer Visibility Options
            • Difficult Setup Processes
            • Inefficient Resource Tracking

            20- 5pm - Project management software

            20 Best Project Management Time Tracking Software
            online collaboration

            5pm is a project management tool, designed to help you keep track of all your projects from start to finish. It's simple, intuitive, and easy to use, so you can focus on what matters: your projects.

            Whether you're managing a clothing company, a drinks company (like us!), or anything in between, 5pm will help you get organized and stay on top of all the details.

            Everyone has a different way of working and managing their projects—that's why 5pm is built around three different ways of working:

            • Calendar view shows you what needs to be done and when. This view makes it easy to see at a glance what tasks need attention today or this week and how long they'll take.
            • Contact view shows all the information about each person or company that's involved with a project, so you can easily keep track of who needs what from you and when they expect it by.
            • Task view shows all the tasks related to each project or client in one place, so there's no more flipping back and forth between screens trying to remember who needs what from whom!

            5pm Review

            1. 5pm is a browser-based collaboration software that enables you to organize, manage and track your team’s activities, projects, tasks and deadlines. 
            2. Manage projects, keep track of tasks and deadlines, store contacts and manage calendars. 

            5pm Pros

            1. 5pm is a web-based project management tool with a straightforward and intuitive interface. It’s a great choice for remote teams, as it offers collaborative workspaces, time tracking tools, and task management options.
            2. 5pm has strong core features that work well and can be customized to fit your specific project management needs. Whether you’re managing team members around the world or working on a small local project, 5pm has the tools you need to succeed.
            3. One of the most useful aspects of 5pm is its ability to create complex projects with high levels of detail. Teams can use it to create custom workspaces, share files, communicate with one another, schedule meetings, and track budgets.
            4. The software doesn’t require users to have a lot of technical knowledge in order to operate it effectively, which makes it ideal for businesses who are new to project management solutions or prefer to learn as they go along.
            5. The software is not expensive and offers another level of flexibility by allowing you to pay monthly rather than be locked into an annual payment contract.
            6. No other software needed. Access from anywhere in the world.
            7. An intuitive interface makes learning easy for you and your team members.
            8. Multiple views allow you to organize your information the way you want it.
            9. Customize it further by creating personally relevant labels.
            10. Use a whiteboard to plan, communicate, collaborate and execute your project. Gain clarity and organize ideas with drawings, notes and images!

            5pm's project management software is best used by smaller teams that do not need all the bells....

            5pm Cons

            • No integration with Google Calendars or iCal
            • It's not easy to share your project or tasks with clients
            • A lot of features are hidden behind Premium / Professional plans
            • Mobile app is pretty much a web client in the app wrapper
            • Few users said it's complicated and hard to use

            How will you benefit from time tracking software?

            1. Record working hours and track project time
            2. Meet deadlines
            3. Accurately bill clients
            4. Improve employee productivity
            5. Make better estimates for future projects

            You will benefit from time tracking software by having more accurate time estimates and being able to better predict the outcome of projects, plus have a way to monitor the progress of your employees and make sure everyone is working on the jobs that are most appropriate for them.

            How do you track time spent on different projects?

            • Time tracking is a process of recording the time spent on your work.
            • It can be used for invoicing clients, payrolling employees, and analyzing efficiency.
            • Managers want to know how much time their employees spend on various tasks.
            • Consider installing an app that runs in the background and automatically tracks how much time you spend on each task.
            • Tracking your time can allow you to bill clients accurately.
            • Time tracking can help freelancers increase their income by helping them track down their billable hours more accurately.
            • Using data from previous time sheets, companies can predict how long it will take them to complete a certain project.

            Time tracking can keep your company moving forward more efficiently


            Finding the right time tracking system can be difficult, as there are so many options available. 

            The software we've listed above represent some of the best project management time tracking systems currently available, but they certainly won't be a good fit for every person or organization. We encourage you to look further into your options to discover what best meets your needs.


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