Using human development.. you want to become a millionaire! Or a head of state! or rule the world

Do you dream of becoming rich? Want to be a millionaire? Do not be afraid, whatever your dream and desire and what you want. Even if you aspire to become president or control the world. Some have the method, the solution, and the Aladdin lantern. 

Using human development.. you want to become a millionaire! Or a head of state! or rule the world

This is the story of magic solutions or human development. Perhaps you have ever heard of the book The Secret or one of its brothers from the books. That revealed to you solutions to problems without solutions. Or maybe you once heard prepared by one of the pioneers of human development about the treasure lurking inside you. Or motivational speech spread here and there.

Perhaps one of your friends or acquaintances has invited you to give a lecture about those who are now calling themselves Life Coach or the Human Development Coach, and these have started to multiply recently, and they have gained wide audiences, and they receive high amounts of money for what they offer. And what they present is the subject of our discussion in this report.

Human development methods to overcome your psychological, material and social problems

Where some claim that you can overcome your psychological, material and social problems in easy and simple, even magical ways; Discover it, try it and test it, and now they want to save you from your problems and give you this magic recipe. In short, the term human development has come to refer to the idea of ​​self-reliance. Expanding awareness and awareness to develop oneself and the ability to realize desires and dreams.

Meaning that your life becomes better without much effort. Those who believe in this idea see that this is a fact and proven science, while those who oppose it see it as a kind of imposter and a sale of illusion. 

Both sides have what proves their arguments. For example, the supporters cite many examples of people who succeeded in their lives or became billionaires, not with hard work and effort. Rather, it is through meditation and self-belief, and as the theorists of the idea try to convince people that success and access.

Human development and energy science

I am in the soul of man, so it is enough to believe inside you that you will become rich, for example, in order to become really rich, based on what they say is the energy of attraction or the science of energy in general. To be honest, you may find real and realistic examples of people who have become really rich by chance. But does that mean that attraction and energetics is what made them rich? Here comes the view of the opponents of the idea.

Those who believe that if examples are found, this means that the matter was done purely by chance, and the attraction has nothing to do with the matter. Or that the one who succeeded and reached his goal has tired and worked until he achieved what he aspires to, and that nothing life offers for free, even if some think that his way was easy.

The idea of ​​success and human development

Since the phenomenon of human development is a global phenomenon believed by many around the world, some of them are religious and others belong to all ideas, cultures, religions and races. 

The idea of ​​quick and easy success is a tempting idea for everyone. A person likes to achieve what he wants and reach his goal without making any effort. So you will always find someone who goes to attend a lecture or a motivational step and will pay to listen to talk about the supernatural power within humans, the law of attraction and the science of energies. 

While the other party will see it as a sale of illusion. Underestimating the minds of people and exploiting the human desire for success and excellence.

Here is a saying by the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik:

The only way to succeed through human development is to become a human development coach, as these trainers receive huge amounts of money for what they give motivational speeches, and therefore they are the most prominent beneficiaries.

 For example, a book like The Secret Book achieved sales with astronomical numbers that made the author and publisher of the wealthy, as well as other similar books. While the followers live believing in ideas and die without achieving what they wanted, and this is not surprising, according to the opponents.

There are in contemporary times those who still believe in witches and charlatans, and some of them still believe in reading the cup and the palm, and this is the same for many people. It is the belief that there are human beings capable of doing the supernatural.

Human development and monotheistic religions

And here it must be clarified, that not believing in miracles and supernatural abilities in some people does not mean not believing in them at all, for surely the prophets and messengers, for example, are miracles by order of God. Certainly, the divine will and conciliation will always be present. This is something no one can deny.

 But what many deny is knowing the recipe for this. It is unreasonable in their opinion for a person to become rich because he just stood in front of the mirror every day repeating the phrase “I will become rich.” As human development trainers promote, or that a patient has been cured of his illness because he sat imagining himself not being ill. Even religiously striving is associated with sustenance. And hospitalization is associated with treatment, and that the result is often the equivalent of work. As for complacency, dependence, and waiting without making any effort, they usually do not bear fruit, and if there is any secret.

He is in work and patience until reaching the goal. It is true that you may have heard about a man who became rich in a quick and easy way, but how many people believed in what advocates of human development said and did not achieve anything, this is according to the opponents, of course, whose supporters usually answer that the failure to achieve dreams is not caused by the invalidity of the development theory Humanity.

Rather, it is caused by the person himself. In their opinion, he made a mistake in implementing the instructions, or did not believe enough in his supernatural abilities. So that the matter will always remain a long and endless debate and controversy, and each party has its reasons, and it remains for you to tell us your opinion on the matter.


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