So You Want to Be a Freelance Web Designer?

Do you love the way you can make your own schedule as a freelancer? Do you enjoy the challenge of solving client problems through well-crafted designs? If you answered yes to these questions, then becoming a freelance web designer might be just the career choice for you! Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to become a freelance web designer, and how you can begin planning your new career path today.

So You Want to Be a Freelance Web Designer?
Freelance Web Designer

5 Myths That Are Holding Back Your Freelance Career

You’ve been on several interviews and had your resume passed around. Finally, you have an offer—but it’s not quite what you expected. Or maybe you haven’t had any bites yet but really want to land your dream job as a freelance web designer or developer.

4 Things That Are Not Important to Potential Clients

  1. The name of your school (unless it’s Ivy League). 
  2. How much you got paid at previous jobs, and whether or not they were local companies (if they weren’t local, then what was their industry and size?). 
  3. Whether or not you have an artistic background 
  4. What website theme you used for their project!

3 Things That Will Get You Hired by New Customers

If you’re a freelance web designer or developer, getting clients is always an issue. There are so many talented freelancers that potential customers have to choose from! Here are three things that will help you stand out from your competition and get hired: 1) Make Your Portfolio Shine - A strong portfolio is key. Don’t just show off your work; do it in an interesting way. Include short descriptions and examples of what makes your projects awesome.

2 Resources Every Up-and-Coming Web Designer Needs

Use these two free resources from Google and Adobe to improve your skills and enhance your credibility. Create an attractive web designer portfolio: Your portfolio is your professional calling card. It demonstrates that you are capable of creating polished, professional-grade work, so don’t skimp on quality when it comes time to put together yours. Here are 10 tips for creating an excellent portfolio website.

1 How Long Does it Take for a Newbie to Earn $1000 as a Web Developer?

Because there’s no concrete answer, it’s tough to determine how long it takes for a freelancer or independent designer/developer to earn $1000. The answer is based on a lot of factors such as skillset, location, market demand and more. Here are our estimates for newbies who want to make that amount in less than 6 months

How Much Should I Charge?

The first step when becoming a freelance web designer is finding out how much your services are worth. There are online tools that can help you come up with an hourly rate, but in many cases your rates will be based on what clients are willing to pay, or on a combination of skill level and experience. Make sure you know how much similar companies charge for their services, so you don’t undersell yourself.


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