Why the Marketing Manager Salary in Australia is So Lucrative


If you’re trying to become a marketing manager, or have always been interested in being one, you may be wondering why the salary of this job seems so high compared to the average salary of all other jobs in Australia. What makes it so lucrative? Here are some of the main factors that make up this high salary figure.

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Why the Marketing Manager Salary in Australia is So Lucrative

What does it take to be a marketing manager?

To start, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades. The term marketing manager can be deceiving—you don’t need a fancy degree, and while you may have an extensive background working on marketing strategies, what it really takes to be a successful marketing manager has more to do with your work ethic than anything else.

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How can you get the best pay as a marketing manager?

Job satisfaction – I can’t stress enough how important job satisfaction is. Get a career that you love, and you’ll be much more likely to stick with it for a long time. If you love your job, then it won’t seem like work at all; rather, you’ll jump out of bed every morning ready to take on new challenges. You have to love what you do; otherwise, there are too many other things that need your attention outside of work!

The effects of management on your salary

If you’re a marketing manager, your salary will vary depending on what kind of company you work for. For example, management in an established corporation will likely pay more than a small startup. It can also depend on what your specific tasks entail as well. If you work as a sales and operations manager at an overseas corporation with representatives based on several continents, you may rake in more than a marketing manager who works for a small-town firm that only sells its products within close proximity to their city or state.

Benefits of being a great boss

Employees are far more likely to work hard for a great boss than for money, perks or title. If you’re thinking about becoming a manager, here are 10 qualities that will be essential to your success. Learn what makes a good manager from experts like Barry Schwartz and Meg Wheatley.

In Conclusion – why people love being a marketer!

While it’s true that marketing managers spend a lot of time working with numbers, charts and data, a large part of your job will also be about ensuring your product succeeds. While you may be crunching numbers for 80% of your day, you’ll also spend 20% building exciting strategies for your product line or brand and maintaining strong relationships with clients. After all, as an expert at understanding consumer desires and moods (thanks to those analytics), how can you not keep them happy?

Job satisfaction at its finest!

Marketing managers enjoy one of highest levels of job satisfaction—as do many other business-side professionals. It’s a fact: about 70% of marketing managers are completely satisfied with their current roles, according to a 2014 Robert Half survey. In fact, more than half (54%) plan to stay at their current positions for at least another two years. And over half (52%) said they were excited about taking on new challenges and responsibilities. 

This sort of high level of engagement makes sense when you consider that marketing managers help create revenue by developing strategies that engage customers, generate leads and increase sales. As a result, it’s no surprise that marketing managers tend to be compensated well compared to those in other fields—and compared to non-management employees within their own organizations.


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