Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Manager Salaries

If you’re thinking about becoming a marketing manager, then you might want to know what you can expect to make in your first few years on the job. 

This guide will show you the average salaries of market managers in most major cities and highlight the factors that affect their pay so you can take them into account when deciding where to look for work. So, if you’re curious about the average marketing manager salary, this is the article for you!

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Manager Salaries
Marketing Manager Salaries

The average salary of a marketing manager in Australia

The typical marketing manager salary in Australia is $91,195 AUD per year. This number varies depending on location, experience, and years of service. 

The highest salary a marketing manager can earn in Australia is $118,148 AUD per year. 

A typical retail or fashion marketing manager in Victoria earns $69,300 AUD per year while an experienced senior-level marketing manager makes over $98,450 AUD per year.

The average starting pay for an entry-level marketing manager

$46,000. The average pay for a marketing manager at 10 years in: $62,800. The average pay for a senior marketing manager: $92,900. If you’re looking to find an increase in salary, check out these four important factors that influence how much you earn as a marketing manager—and what you can do about it.

The average base salary for a part-time marketing manager

$23,000. While a lot of people take on marketing management positions part-time as a side gig, it can be difficult to get enough hours or generate enough business in such roles to earn decent wages.

The average pay for a junior marketing manager

$50,000-$55,000 This will vary significantly depending on where you live. In places like Silicon Valley or San Francisco, salaries are going to be much higher than they would be in less expensive parts of America. 

If you want an average salary for a marketing manager in your state or region just do a quick Google search for marketing manager salary plus your area and take an average from some of the top sites that show up in search results.

The average salaries for all levels of professional marketers

While professional marketers can earn a lot of money, there is actually a huge variance in salaries, depending on what they do. It’s important to understand which level you are at and therefore how much you should be earning. In short, managers earn more than specialists do. Here’s an overview of some average salaries for marketer roles in different industries

How much do assistant and apprentice managers earn?

Internships are a common path into managerial roles, so it’s no surprise that entry-level marketing managers with only a few years of experience tend to make less than those with longer tenures. According to PayScale, assistant and apprentice managers earn about $65,000 annually. For example, an entry-level marketing manager for Walmart earns $45,000 per year. A senior director of global marketing at Yahoo takes home around $130,000.

What can you expect as an annual bonus?

Depending on your marketing manager salary, it’s possible that you’ll be given a yearly bonus as part of your compensation package. However, remember that you won’t receive one if: 

  1. you work for a small company.
  2. your company’s profits haven’t seen significant growth year-over-year.
  3. your company is struggling financially.

What kind of perks come with your job?

A career in marketing often involves a lot of hard work, long hours and stressful deadlines. To balance out these negatives, it’s important to know what kind of perks come with your job. Depending on your company and its size, you may have access to anything from flexible work hours and unlimited vacation time, to gym memberships or even fully-paid trips. Make sure you find out what kind of corporate benefits are available so that you can make an informed decision when deciding on a potential employer.

How much can you expect to get paid on top of your base pay?

While your job description may vary from company to company, as a marketing manager, you’ll generally be responsible for a variety of tasks. But how much money do you make on top of your base salary? And how much can you expect in bonuses and benefits? We explore the factors that affect your compensation below.


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