9 Reasons to Use GoDaddy's Website Builder (Even If You're Not a tech Genius)

GoDaddy has long been one of the best website builders out there because it’s so easy to use. And now with the launch of GoDaddy Website Builder, it’s even easier to start building your site! So if you want to create a beautiful, mobile-friendly website, but you don’t know how to code or mess around with complex software, this step-by-step guide will show you how to build and design your own site in just five minutes—no computer science degree required!

9 Reasons to Use GoDaddy's Website Builder (Even If You're Not a tech Genius)

1) Pick what works best for you

One of GoDaddy’s biggest selling points is that it offers website builders in 15 languages—but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Once you’ve chosen your language, then select a template for your site and start building it with drag-and-drop ease. Customize everything from fonts and images to even HTML code. When you’re done, simply publish your site to see how it looks on the web. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

2) Choose from 1,000 templates

No matter how web-savvy you are, it can be tricky—and time-consuming—to design your site from scratch. Using GoDaddy’s website builder ensures that your site is professional and up to date with industry standards, saving you countless hours of customization. 

The template library includes more than 1,000 templates and there are even options for customized templates. There’s something for everyone! And, if you’re still feeling a little uneasy about building your own site, there are helpful video tutorials to walk you through each step.

You won't need any technical skills: Many DIY website builders require some coding knowledge or technical skill set; however, GoDaddy makes it easy for those who don't have any experience in web development. Just follow along with their step-by-step video tutorials or helpful written instructions and within minutes you'll have an impressive new website!

3) Add rich media elements

Adding video and images will help increase engagement on your site. Your readers are more likely to share your content if they find it visually interesting. Keep in mind that good design does not require a lot of time or resources. 

In fact, you can create great looking websites using free tools like Canva, which offers thousands of templates for creating images and infographics, as well as short videos. These elements also make your content easier to read and remember, so consider adding them when writing new posts.

4) Edit your content in real time

From styling text and images to updating links, we can do it all with our online editing tool. And if you need someone else to see your changes before they go live, they can easily make them themselves or give you access so you can help. 

It’s like having an editor right by your side at all times! Don’t worry about making any mistakes – every change is automatically saved as you go along. Just try not to make too many typos...we won’t tell anyone 😉

5) Launch anytime

It’s never too early or too late to start your business. No matter how much experience you have in business, you can still launch and grow your idea into a reality. Don’t put off entrepreneurship out of fear—just get started! 

A few months is all it takes, and there’s always someone with more experience who can help you along your way. We wrote about some of these people here. So don’t let your inexperience stop you from launching; just be aware that not every launch will be successful.

6) Build an online store

Launch an online store on either your website or use a platform like Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. for more professional results. If you’re trying to get more sales by getting more eyeballs on your products, don’t forget about SEO. 

All of these platforms have SEO built-in so that you can make sure customers find your site when they search online. Just think: free traffic! The best part is you only pay when someone buys something. 

Most ecommerce sites are set up with payments through Paypal and other trusted providers, but we suggest finding one that suits your needs and offers security as well as user-friendliness.

7) Google loves it!

In fact, Google ranks sites built with an easy-to-use platform like GoDaddy at a higher rank than other custom websites. Users can access thousands of templates that make creating professional websites fast and easy. 

What you want is for your website to be as Google-friendly as possible in order to attract visitors who are looking for your product or service. Building your website on an easy-to-use platform gives you that advantage without having to spend tons of time learning complicated coding or design. It’s also more affordable since you don’t have to hire someone else to build it for you. 

All these reasons are why I use GoDaddy whenever I need a new site! Plus, if you sign up using my link above, we both get $10 towards our next purchase! This way I can help keep helping people around me!

8) Easy for mobile visitors

Your site’s mobile friendliness is important, because Google has started down-ranking non-responsive websites on mobile devices. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website looks if it’s hard for visitors to see and read on their mobile device. 

Using a site builder like GoDaddy makes sure your website is easy for all types of visitors, regardless of where they are or what kind of device they are using.

9) Save time & money

Using an intuitive site builder can help save you time and money. Your job as an entrepreneur is to spend your time on revenue-generating activities. And, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably don’t want to spend your free time or money on something that doesn’t directly impact your bottom line.


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