The Best Time Tracking and Project Management Software: Clockify Review

The modern entrepreneur knows the importance of their time and schedules, but keeping up with everything can be tough if you have no proper project management software to back you up. So, if you’re looking for the best project management software to help organize your time and tasks, here’s our thorough Clockify review to help you out! We’ll cover the good, the bad, and anything else we think you need to know about this clockify review. Let’s start with their pricing details...

The Best Time Tracking and Project Management Software: Clockify Review

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What is clockify?

As a project management software, Clockify takes full advantage of users’ smartphones to help manage their time more effectively. The app includes powerful features like task lists, invoicing, communication tools, project reports and many others. 

With just one glance at your smartphone’s home screen you can see what your colleagues are working on, in real-time. You can also easily create new tasks, track time for specific projects or clients and share files with your team members. 

And if you need to send an invoice or record expenses for any given client or project, all it takes is a few taps on your phone’s touchscreen. Clockify has both free and paid versions; however, there is no limit to how many clients you can work with using either version.

How Does It Work?

Clockify was designed as a simple online timesheet tool for freelancers, contractors, and employees alike. The software tracks project milestones in real time so you’re always aware of where you stand in relation to your goals.

It also allows you to manage teams with task management support for collaboration among members. An internal messaging system is available for sending updates to coworkers or clients when necessary. And there are additional tools like invoicing, expense tracking, and expense reporting available if needed.

Why use it?

Focusing on work is important, but in order to get work done, you need to manage your time. Many people start by using a pen and paper to track their time spent working on different projects. 

However, there are better options out there for time tracking—like our software pick for project management software

With a tool like Clockify, it’s easy to see what tasks you’ve completed each day or week—and where your focus has been during that period of time. If you use Clockify with other project management tools, such as Trello or Basecamp, you can also easily keep tabs on how much time is being spent on specific tasks. 

This information can help ensure that deadlines are met without overworking employees who are responsible for certain projects.

What can you track with it?

The first thing you want to consider is what kind of data you need to track. Are you looking for software that will help you track your own time, or are your employees working on projects that require tracking? If it’s only yourself, then a service like Toggl (which we will get into below) may be more suitable because it allows for freemium use, whereas a SaaS solution like clockify needs to be paid monthly. 

For teams, you might need something with more robust features. Check out our list of top project management software for some suggestions if that's what you're after. You can also check out our comprehensive guide to choosing project management software.

Who is this tool for?

If you work in a business that is looking to get rid of paper timesheets and want online software to track hours, clockify is for you. It’s also great for businesses that are looking for solutions outside of traditional project management software such as Basecamp or Pivotal Tracker. 

This isn’t really a review, just some points on why I think they’re better than others at what they do. For example, their analytics reporting is probably my favorite feature because it provides so much insight into how our team spends their time each week. 

Another reason I like them over other tools we have tried is because it allows us to share different tasks with multiple people without giving them full access to our projects. 

Our whole team can see what everyone else is working on, but only has permission to view certain aspects of a project. That way if someone needs help with something but doesn’t need all of the details, they can still help out. Lastly, it helps me keep organized by allowing me to create recurring tasks for things that need done every month or even weekly.

How do you plan your day with it?

I used to create a very detailed to-do list, which would then help me track my progress at day’s end. However, that ended up bogging me down; it made me feel like I was doing more work than I actually was. 

Now, I rely on timers and activity meters when using clockify. These let me know how much time I’ve spent working each day. At first, I tried to stay within certain parameters (for example, working for no more than two hours), but now I just try to get as much done as possible—and if something isn’t finished by my deadline, I just move it over to tomorrow.

This way of thinking has helped me become much more productive in general. I no longer feel like I’m doing work just to do it; instead, I’m doing work because it needs to be done. And if something doesn’t get done, then I don’t beat myself up about it—I just push it back a day or two.

What are its integrations?

Clockify is equipped with a number of integrations that are geared toward saving time and streamlining tasks, including Zapier, IFTTT, Beanstalk, Toggl, FreshBooks, Hubstaff + Toggl integrations. How much does it cost?: You can get a 14-day free trial of clockify with unlimited users before deciding to upgrade to a Premium account for $14/month or pay $15/user. 

What’s unique about it?: The most unique feature about Clockify is its real-time dashboard. It allows you to quickly see what your team members are working on in real time, as well as their hours logged and projects they’re assigned to. If you have a remote team (or just want to make sure everyone is staying on task), then you’ll love how easy it is to keep track of everything from one place. What else should I know?

What are some alternatives to this tool?

There are a lot of time tracking solutions out there but we like clockify because it's very cheap, works on all devices, web, desktop & mobile. Very easy to use interface. No setup or implementation costs just click add your task and you're ready to go! It also allows you to create teams so if you're working with a team on a single project clockify is perfect for you. You can even integrate it with Slack which is another great feature that makes clockify stand out from other tools. In terms of alternatives here are some other tools we recommend: Toggl, Harvest, Hubstaff (see our review), Zapier.


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